1. Alex De Large

    WTB: Diff ABS Sensor

    Anyone got a spare Diff ABS sensor? The one that's at the nose of the diff.
  2. R-Spec

    FS: Original Spec-R diff for sale £400 ono Cambridge or Brighton :-)

    In casing with half shafts. Ready to go (but S14a nose so will need swapping back for S15 fitting)
  3. M

    diff problem

    hey all theres something wrong with my diff its crunching and allsorts but locks fine. its a tomie 2 way. i think the problem is the bearing on the input pinion.(i think thats what its called) but im just going to buy an s14 abs diff. will my 2 way fit insid eit if i use my driveshafts. is...
  4. R-Spec

    FS: S15 LSD (stock)

    Built up in case ready to fit. Would need S15 nose as currently fitted with S14. Supplied with half shafts from stock S15 (just upgraded to superlocker using S14 casing - hence the nose swap)
  5. K

    I need all of you to HELP NOW PLEASE!

    Boys, I got my Spec S last month, the first car i've ever owned and some bitch in a range rover pulled out in front of me the very day i got it and put it off the road for a bit. She destroyed the track rod end buckled two alloys and bust up the nose. She's back on the road now but the tracking...
  6. W

    s15 extended bumper from main page

    Hi, What bumper is this? Looks very impressive with the extended nose, almost 911 stylee.