1. JaseYpk

    Nurburgring Closing Forever!?

    Have a read:
  2. L

    Nurburgring Tours?

    Hello, I'm from Australia, traveling to europe in July for the first time. I will about a week to myself where I can do as I wish. I was looking at going on a nurburgring tour due to my interests in cars/S15s. Any recommendations on what to do? Or on the tours themselves?
  3. S15AK

    S15AK Nurburgring trip

    Hi Guys I will be heading off to the ring first thing tomorrow morning, so thought I'd try and post as many pics and info as I can along the way. The ferry leaves tomorrow at 7am (staying in Dover tonight), but if I can get to an internet cafe in Germany I will upload pics as I go, we are...
  4. LuPix_S15

    Nurburgring Trip - This Weekend!!

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd post up a thread before I head off to Nurburgring for the first time this weekend. I'm going with some mates I've know for a few years from Streetrace modified cars forum and there's a chap who used to run a Ring trip business who's taking us there and back etc :)...