1. lvaleiron

    High octane for high boost setting, premium for low boost

    So my tuning session is coming and i have a few question for you folks, i have a gas station near my house that sells 100 octane race gas, premium here is 95 octane or so, can i tune with the 100 octane gas let say for 17 psi and if i need to fill the tank with 95 just use a "low boost setting"...
  2. J

    Octane requirement

    Whats the minimum octane requirement for SR20DET?
  3. raytsang

    What is E85

    Right this might be useful for us guys in ireland. as we can only get 95Ron from the pumps.... so what excatly is e85? It sounds like a mix in solution to boost octane.? how safe is this to use? and does your car need to be mapped for it?
  4. I

    greetings from Auckland NZ

    Hey Guys I've loved Series 6+ Rx7's ever since I first sat in one back in 95. After 7 years of research and close calls I finally kicked the idea to the curb and bought something better - the S15. At least I know when I travel in the S15; I won't be walking home! My spec R is running...