1. S

    FS: S15 front fenders.

    I have for sale some 30mm front wings. These are brand new and have never been used, bought to go on my 15 but I've decided to go for smaller ones as I wanted a more OEM look. Will take £200 ONO. Collection from essex.
  2. gaz15

    Advice needed s14/s15 downpipe

    Can anyone tell me if a blitz s14 downpipe is a direct fit for the s15 with the OEM elbow, 315mm s15 decat and an s15 cat back exhaust, or will I need a s15 downpipe?
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Aftermarket Bonnet - S15

    I really regret selling my Origin Type 2 bonnet, in favour of an OEM bonnet. I fancy something aftermarket again, seeing as it will having a respray shortly it is the best time to get one :thumbs: Not 100% sure what style i want, so here to see what people have to offer I can also p/x an...
  4. S

    FS: Wtb: oem spoiler and dmax roof spoiler

    Hi as per title if any one selling plz do let me know.
  5. S

    WTB: Wtb: oem spoiler and dmax roof spoiler

    Hi, as per title Looking for s15 oem spoiler.and dmax roof spoiler. Located in northampton if any for sale do let me know. Thanks.
  6. Johnny

    FS: OEM foglights S15+covers trims

    Hi for sale oem nissan s15 foglights and covers in good condition 75GBP+shipping
  7. mattyjp

    FS: Cs short shifter, low milage 6 speed spec r box and lots of other parts

    Selling as I’ve recently sold my S15 spec R(soul) there’s probably more parts and I will add more info/pics as interest dictates to prevent the same questions being asked. Open to sensible offers. parts may be sent at extra cost price does not include postage. Unless otherwise stated parts are...
  8. A

    Leaky oil cooler?

    It looks like I have a leak, is it from the hose or the radiator do you think? Im running less than 300bhp & don't track it do I really need it, could it be easily removed or will I need OEM hoses & stuff? Thanks.
  9. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R White 2001 Fresh Import

    Hello all Fresh import from Japan, she has landed in the UK. All taxes etc, just needs new owner now Here's the spec: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Year: 2001 Pearl White MOT until June 2016 Mileage: 158945 KM is about 99,340 Miles Imported by myself and have all the paperwork Exterior...
  10. S

    WTB: Aftermarket tail lights

    As per the title, I'm after a set of aftermarket tail lights, dmax, yashio or similar. I have a great condition set of oem rear lights I'm willing to px. Let me know what you've got, thanks.
  11. tooley

    FS: Dmax S15 50mm front fenders. Swap for OEM.

    Chaps, Having a total carv up with my S15 so im not longer going to be running my front fenders. I need OEM wings for the new look. Anyone want to swap with me?
  12. B

    WTB: Oem rear bumper, side skirts, front wings and aero spats, harness brace

    after a oem rear bumper preferably blue but doesn't matter also oem side skirts rear aero spats front wings. Aftermarket or oem and a harness brace!
  13. M

    Original plastic spats

    Do the oem rear spats have any clips or brackets I should look out for when buying them second hand?
  14. B

    S15 SR20DET Radiator

    Hi guys, I had an accident last month and car under repairs. my oem radiator fan is broken and having lots of hassle to find one locally. Does anyone know the diameter and specs of the oem fan? Thanks a lot :notworthy:
  15. C

    FS: S15 Front bumper with lip, OEM S15 Foglights, OEM S15 Seats, Defi Gauge, HKS EVC

    S15 Bumper in good condition, comes with a custom plastic front lip which was made by me. A much nicer upgrade than the ITR lip. £130 + Postage (Will do this plus foglights for £170 delivered to UK) S15 OEM Foglights. £50 + Postage S15 OEM Seats. £150 + Postage. We all know what they...
  16. B

    WTB: Oem front bumper, side skirts, rear lights and wheels wanted.

    I'm after a front bumper for my s15 preferably oem but open to anything. also after the same for the rear. and some oem side skirts i have a set of oem lights but the drivers one is damaged so need that side. and a nice set of wheels which will fit my s15. Thanks!
  17. Chriscooke

    WTB: Oem steering wheel plast covers

    Oem steering wheel plastic covers I'm after the two plastic covers that go over the airbag and horn wiring plugs on each side if the oem steering wheel if anyone has a pair lying around. Cheers
  18. M

    WTB: Side repeater

    After an oem clear side repeater. Just need the one.
  19. Jaydej

    Top mount help

    Hey all I'm ordering my coilovers this week KW v3 and I've been told I need oem top mount, can anyone help me to where I can get these or know of a alternative? Cheers
  20. dave_t

    FS: Side Mount Seat Rail - Drivers Side - S13/S14/S15 Fitment

    Item - This side mount seat rail came in my S15 from Japan, with a Bride ZETA. Auction pic: I reverted back to an OEM driver seats and sold the Bride, but kept the seat rail in case i ever went back to a bucket. Un-sure if the rail is a Bride, as was the Seat, due to not finding any...