1. B

    FS: C's S15 6-Speed Shifter & S15 OEM Rear Bumper (With Rare Heat Shield)

    S15 6-Speed C's short shifter available. Bought this from an Owners Club member, but ended up going 5-speed so I no longer have any use for it, unfortunately. Looks to be in good condition and will be a great upgrade for a 6-speed box. £200 inc P&P to UK mainland Also got a cheap OEM...
  2. F

    FS: S15 pewter grey passenger mirror

    In near mint condition , with one stone chip(being really picky) perfect replacement for a damaged mirror £60 posted or £50 collected will take offers collection from Sheffield preferred but will post 5E667EA1-8369-4763-A6F6-80198AA3FA7C_zpsbes5mdwl.jpg Photo by damsi | Photobucket...
  3. Mange

    FS: Interor; Center console parts

    Got a mate who is selling some stuff. Anyone interested? Dont now what price they go for? Offers? Cheers / Magnus
  4. Jay-pan

    FS: Parts...

    1)SR20DET engine 90k from an S14, engine with cams, 1.1mm apexi gasket,Apr head studs,sump, flywheel. was removed from my car as it had low compression (100,95,100,115) no excess oil use or water no smoke. offers collected. 2) engine mounts two sets first set were removed and are solid...
  5. Jay-pan

    FS: Massive 4" blitz cone filter

    Removed from my car no damage ideal for running mafless. Looks pretty clean hardly used. offers not sure on price, will get pictures tomorrow
  6. vinnie

    FS: Oem Pewter Spoiler

    As the title says, got the brake light and been freshly painted. Reason for sale. Going for BGW ^_^ Price £100 but open too offers. Will up load pics tomorrow once I get some sleep.
  7. M

    FS: S15 helical diff in casing

    Hi guys I have a clean helical diff from my spec r .. Only removed because I got a nismo 2way ! Is anyone interested ??? Open to sensible offers ! Pics can be supplied pm me for details
  8. R-Spec

    FS: Standard cloth (black) rear seat back

    As above, perfect condition. for sale. offers :)
  9. N80Jamie

    FS: Cosmis Racing XT206-R Wheels, Dish and Concave

    I have literally only just bought these and it's pretty stupid that i'm selling them again so soon however, my plans have changed. These wheels are only available in the USA and (in my opinion) look great! Fitment of the wheels are 18x9.5 ET10 - this is for all 4. Finished in Bronze and all in...
  10. Tommy Kaira

    FS: Coil pack for sale

    Hi guys, One of my coil packs died a death so I got a set of spitfires. This means I've got 3 good coil packs available. If anyone needs one, just shout. Need to post a price so £50 each or offers
  11. N80Jamie

    FS: Pioneer JDM Double Din CD Stereo

    This came on my car from Japan and I have since replaced it with another unit. Unsure on a price so open to offers!
  12. oilman

    Opie Oils PS4 Competition Winner!!

    Hi Folks, We have some great news, We have a WINNER to our end of year competition. We would like to say a massive congratulations to Alex Mcdonnell from Norwich for winning our end of year competition to win the PS4 with Killzone and NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS. We will be announcing our new...
  13. C

    FS: 2x sets of wheels

    hi guys im selling 2 sets of wheels to make some room in the garage first ones are Enkei selbach's 16" never seen another set for sale and have been told they are rare, these were on the car from japan and are in great condition all tyres are legal, no idea what these are worth so open to...
  14. Jordan

    FS: S15 Superlow downpipe for sale

    Excellent condition, no scrapes or catches on underside, circa £80 delivered but open to offers.
  15. Krish

    FS: S15 FTW gauging interest

    Will prob be selling up soon as job has changed and I need to move to something more "daily" friendly. Full spec to follow. It's stage 3 @ 355bhp. Maintained by APT. Full aero, spec R with 85k on the clock. Brand new exeddy clutch, new rear tyres, Alpine HU and speakers all round worth over...
  16. oilman

    £1 Delivery for UK Orders - No Minimum Spend

    £1 Delivery for UK Orders - No Minimum Spend ENDS MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 17TH MARCH We also have many other offers that can be combined with our £1 Delivery offer. - 15% OFF all Millers CFS engine oils - use voucher CFS15 - 20% OFF all Filters - use voucher FILTER20 - 15% OFF all Cleaning and...
  17. F

    FS: SR20DET (inc T28, DW Lines, Tubular Manifold, Ancillaries) + S14 Box + NATS2

    SR20DET Black Top Engine Complete with Ancillaries There is no smoking, rattles, noises. Removed from an 83k S14. Rocker cover has been painted silver but its from a '96 car. Has had exhaust gaskets replaced with Genuine Nissan items (Manifold-to-Head and Manifold-to-Turbo). Tubular Manifold...
  18. Joeh

    Decided to keep it d:

    Hey everyone As you can see I done in a 'spur of the moment' thought I advertised my S15 for sale... anyway it ended on eBay for stupidly low money, I did have some tempting offers from overseas and a few nice PX offers but I've got a new job recently (last week) so rather than...
  19. oilman

    £1 Delivery at Opie Oils - Extended

    £1 Delivery at Opie Oils - No minimum spend ENDS MIDNIGHT TOMORROW 31ST JAN We also have many other offers that can be combined with our £1 Delivery offer. - Millers CFS engine oils only £43.99 - Huge discounts on Fuchs TITAN XTR 5w-30 and TITAN SYN MC 10w-40 - 15% OFF all Millers Classic...
  20. Cris69

    FS: Aero spoiler in grey

    Just picked up my new s15 but don't like the look of the aero spoiler its factory grey!! Light works all nuts are clean.. Not really sure what it's worth so am open to offers around £70 plus p+p Ill get some pics up ASAP!! Collection is profered!!