1. Feast Japan

    FS: N.Europe: Kazama's S15 Silvia - Ex D1 Car

    From Power Vehicles. Figure some of you may be interested. Cars quite special. The owner of this famous car (Previously supplied by ourselves a few years ago) has asked us to offer it for sale. The price is very reasonable considering this is a very recognisable drift machine. It...
  2. N

    Another Japanese tuning company partly collapsed. I could see this one coming.

    Yet another very well known Japanes bodykit company looks to be on the edge of colapes VeilSide USA Now Closes Business. I suspect Veilside Japan will be history too shortly from the letter below. We had to stop dealing with them years ago as it was such a messy company and became far too...
  3. tooley

    Spring Rates

    Guys i have a spare set of springs from Ki office coilovers i used to have. gold shocks green springs I have HSD TT coilovers on my s15 at present with 6kg front and 4kg rear. Does anyone know the standard spring rates for the ki office ones? as i want stiffer suspension and i cant use the rear...
  4. K

    Leaking coilover :/

    One of my KEi office coilovers have started leaking :/ Soo i now need a "repair" kit if you get what i mean :) But i dont know where too find it soo i need some help, Does anyone have a clue where i can find some parts for em?