1. D

    Really awesome wheels, size and offset any good?

    Hi guys, I can get my hands on a really awesome set of rims. Since my S15 will be transformed into a widebody Vertex Edge with +50mm fenders, i wondered the wheels i can get will fit the total package? Specs of wheels are: Front: 18" 10J offset-1 Rear: 18" 11,5J offset -21 Hope you guys can...
  2. B

    Brakes Upgrade offset query

    Hi All, I am upgrading my brakes to GTR R33 OEM ones on my silvia. I've got a nice set of rims to buy where the offset are front ET33 and rear ET30. Will the brakes fit ? Thanks
  3. fez06

    geometry settings?

    Going to do a quick geometry set up tomorrow as it feels all over at high speeds and iv never done it what setting do people have? Iv not got adjustable arms yet so will just be adjusting it on the offset stock bolts
  4. N

    FRUSTRATED! s15 offset

    I don't care if this has been covered a million times on every car forum made. I'm so frustrated! My wheels hit my calipers. so I need to buy new wheels. Can anyone pleasee tell me what offset I need for 17s or 18s to clear the front brakes..
  5. S

    FS: Pair of Kosei Wheels and Toyo Tyres, SR20DET Starter

    These were originally on my S15 when I purchased it. The color was a hideous burnt orange originally, but I have sprayed them a flat black. Not the best looking job, but should do just fine for a spare pair of drifting wheels. The tyres have a ton of life left on them (5-6 mm). The wheels are...
  6. M

    front offset help

    after putting a deposit on wheels for my car. i used to run 17x9 +15 on front and 18x10 +30 on the rear. always getting bother with lowering the front of the car with the wheel hitting the coilover. however the car is going for paint soon and i wont have the wheels until after the car is painted...
  7. S

    S15 wheel question

    I purchased some wheels from the US, but because of Hurricane Sandy, the expected delivery date has been pushed to mid December. I ordered some MB Weapons. Up front I got 18x8 w/ 30mm offset and the rears are 18x9 w/ 38mm offset. Will these bolt straight on with out any issues clearing? I still...
  8. Mange

    WTB: Proper wheels (Work, Volk, SSR, Blitz)

    Hey guys, im doing a small hunt for proper JDM wheels during the winter, meaning no copies. The real stuff. Condition dosen't have to be mint tip top, scratches and paint issues is not a problem. Im after 17" or 18". Around 9-10 inch wide. And with a nice offset. Pair or full set of 4 dosent...
  9. K

    R33 brake setup changed offset???

    Hi all, I've just fitted r33 gtst brakes to my 15, now the problem I have is my rear wheels are now rubbing on the arches due to a offset change??? The wheels I have are ultralight 18x9.5 et35 no spacers a 245/45/18 tyre.Any one else had this problem when fitting r33 brakes???also I'm wanting...
  10. B

    Rota Grid Combos

    Anyone know of any Rota Grid wheel/tyre packages around? I live in NZ, i'd prefer someone local but overseas is fine. I'm after 18x9.5" and 18x9" 5 stud hyper black with 18p offset. They're going on my spec s metallic blue s15. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  11. fadli256

    18x8 42 offset for Stock S15

    Found a set of TE37 with above mentioned offset (all around). Currently running on stock suspension with lowered springs. Can anyone give a bit of feedback? Couldnt find the answers in the wheel thread
  12. lvaleiron

    Help choosing wheels!

    Sup guys, i've read thru the entire wheel fiting guide and search the forum but still haven't seen what i'm looking for, maybe you guys can help me! Basically i want a staggered look on my car (wider in the back with lip and thinner in the front) not very aggressive look. Also, i don't want to...
  13. subzero

    Definitive Offset for Max dish for a std s15 (with rolled arches)

    looking at wheels after wheels and im mad to get some super dishu. have coilovers . would like to know is there a definitve offset , say for ssr profs / work meisters. in 17s and 18s that will squeeze the most dish out of an s15 with no wide arches put on.
  14. B

    FS: for sale veilside 18inch

    need to sell these as short on cash and have a set of rotas.sorry about pics will get BETTER pics up LATER. veilside andrews 3 piece 18inch. front size 1885 an offset +30 p.c.d 114.3 hole 4/5 with 85% firestone tires rear size 1895 an offset +34 p.c.d 114.3 hole 4/5 with 85% dunlop tires...
  15. I

    TE37's on a S15

    Dose anyone have any pics of TE37's 17" on a S15 with the off set of +30 or just post the pic and if ya know the offset let me know i want some for my ride but im unsure what size to go on if i can get a view on what thay look like i can deside on what offset thanks!
  16. zero260

    FS: Volk gt-p fully forged wheels & tyres

    I have for sale my 17" Volk GT-P wheels and tyres. They are in excellent condition and are a fully forged 2 piece wheel with a 5x114.3 stud pattern. The fronts are 17x7 with a +29 offset with Dunlop 215/45/17 Direzza tyres with 5mm of tread. The rears are 17x8 with a +37 offset with Dunlop...
  17. W

    ET35 Offset Wheels

    Just bought some Rota Torque 17" wheels that are ET35 all round. Will this look ok on an S15 Spec R with that offset or am I better off buying spacers for it? If spacers are needed, what 'mm' do you recommend?
  18. 4

    Rim size front bigger and rear smaller question.

    Hi guys. Is it safe to drive in the following rim size configuration. Front 235/40/18 8.0J offset 22 Rear 255/40/17 9.5J offset 15 Notice that i using rear 17" , front 18". As i feel lazy to change my rims. So i go drift in this config, but not sure if it safe to track in this config...
  19. T

    AH_HUH S15 (Ridge kit and 20")

    It's not mine but this car is hot :D
  20. D

    Fitment for 18" Work Emotion CR Kais on S15

    Contemplating ordering a set just wonder what offset to get, the options are: Front (18" x 8.5) +32 or +38 Rear (18" x 9.5) +30 or +38 Will be with 225 & 255 tyres, car is fairly low & has Tein Drift Spec coilovers. What offset do people think I should go with????? Thanks