1. B

    FS: Rays nismo lm-gt4 17 inch alloys for sale

    Selling these wheels as I no longer need them, they are all in need of a re-furb, there is no curbing on any of them but slight corrosion on the inside, some of the stickers are missing aswell. one of the wheels has a half decent tyre on but the rest are scrap offsets front 17x7.5 et 30...
  2. paddyb01

    Meisters offsets help

    well lads looking at a set of Meisters but not sure on the offsets there going on a s15 with the lip rolled up on the arch the size is 18x9.5 all round, +12 & +11 pics would help:D
  3. S

    WTB: Work Emotion CR Kai

    Hi people I'm after a set of the work alloys for my s15 r that's on it's way over from japan!! If anyone wants to sell theirs or knows any forsale can they let me know please! 17's or 18's but good offsets Thanks
  4. S

    FS: all my wheels for sale

    ok ive been collecting wheels and skid wheels for way too long so i need to shift some (so i can buy more) first off my pride and joy work anhelo 8 rims all 17" 2x 8j et8 perfect for front of stock body (may need slight arch work) 2x 9j et20 (could do with a 6mm rear spacer to finish off the...
  5. I

    What LMGT4 offests?

    Finaly decided what wheels i want but unsure what offsets Most LMGT4's iv seen on S15's have the flat face look wich im looking for the liped edge look Nismo recomend for 17" a +30 front +40 rear but theres no way that there demo car was running those offsets? anyone know what these offsets are?
  6. superK

    FS: Rota Wheels

    18" Rota SVN wheels for sale, charcoal grey with polished dish lip, with budget triangle tyres, as new condition, as in the pic, will check offsets but are wide, 235s stretched on the rears, open to offers, collection in Ireland...
  7. EvilChap


    I am about to order some wheels... 18x8.5 front, and 18x10 or maybe 9.5 for the rear. What offsets should I be getting to stand the best chance of fitting? Cheers Ben
  8. I

    S15 with Rota GTR wheels pic request and info

    Anyone running Rota gtr's what sizes and offsets fill the arches with these?
  9. Yakozan

    Wheel help

    OK guys. Will try to get a set of 18" wheels. I want to go as wide as possible without flaring or rolling so far. This is what offsets and widths I have to play with. I'm guessing that the 9.5J rims won't fit in the rear :( So thinking about going 7.5J in the front and 8.5J in the rear...