1. ChrisKnottIns

    From Chris Knott Insurance - I'd like to ask a favour please........

    Hi, Could I ask a favour please? Would you take a look at this second edition of our interactive, online magazine and let us know what you think by completing the feedback form on the last page. We value your opinion and if you leave feedback I’ll make sure you’re entered into the draw to WIN...
  2. JaseYpk

    WTB: Silvia Rear Emblem/Badge

    I'm after the Silvia logo seen the the back of the nissan badged s15's like this: ive found them online but theyre in excess of 60 quid coming from australia and japan which is.. well.. to much in my opinion. anyone got one and after a little less than that price? :)
  3. S

    What's your opinion about fender vent?

    I think both of these are Vertex Ridge? But one doesn't have a vent on fender where there is indicator and the other has it. To me, non vent looks nice only because vented one doesn't line up well. vent line doesn't end up anywhere like main side lines on the body.... What ya think?
  4. B

    Pearl white or snow white

    If you were to buy or spray an s15 white, would you prefer snow white or pearl white? I have a choice of 2 S15s I have imported. They are both very similar mechanically though one is a standard body which would require a bit of money to put a kit on If wanted while the other already has a kit...
  5. G

    Opinions on the Honda S2000

    Hey lads, Just wondering what people on heres opinion on the S2000 is. The last few months ive been thinking about getting one. do you think it suffers from the same image the MX5 has as being a 'hairdressers car'?? Ive never had a Honda so would appreciate peoples opinion that have a bit of...
  6. E

    Hi From Herts!

    Hi im always on here but i wanted to post but only then did i realise i hadn't actually signed up lol Im currently a member of SXOC and Driftworks. I used to own an S13 but have since sold it. I am now looking for an S15 which in my opinion is the best Silvia!
  7. Miss S15

    Which one of these black s15's would you pick?

    As the title says people which of these would you pick? Myself and the other half have been looking for a black s15 for a while and have finally found these. So opinion please people! I'd personally pick 1 r 3 1.http://www.tradecarview.com/stock/detail.aspx?sid=1151929...
  8. J

    Uprated Anti roll bar

    Can you really feel the benefit of uprated antiroll bars. Looking to get some but unsure if is worth it. I know a lot of you alreday have these, whats your opinion before and after....... I hope you dont have to drive it like a Pro to notice the difference..
  9. C

    s15 on the track, how is it ?

    Selling both of my cars ive got right now after this winter and dont really know what to buy after. But been thinking of an S15 Silvia, i'll be going to quite many track days. Id like to have your opinion on the S15. And please also inform me what week points the s15 has also when it comes to...
  10. M

    My RR Result

    Well after mapping, I finally got the car on the rollers yesterday at the North West SXOC rolling road day at TEG. It was a good setup and Im happy with the figures as a couple of standard cars present made pretty much what they should of, or in the case of an Accord Type R it was 20bhp down...
  11. A

    fixing minor scratches

    Hi all first post in this forum. might be a n00b question or not. but i have a few scratches on my car nothing major. I jus want to see what the opinion is on how to fix scratches... ? or is the best way to take it to a detailer or someplace to get it resprayed... seems quite drastic for a...
  12. D

    First Mod

    Alright lads, Just wondering what was the first modification ye did to your s15 after buying it? Alos in yere opinion whats the best mod ye've put on your cars?