1. JDM_virgin

    Oil Gauge wiring help

    i started this late last night and once i tried it how I'd wired it up it wasn't 100% working. I have browsed here and the net and also looked at the wiring diagram in the manual but the colours don't seem to match up so I'm hoping someone on here can offer me some help. So first the gauge-...
  2. K

    Can someone tell me what brand S15 tail lights these are??

    Been trying to find out where to get these lights from with no luck. $20US via Paypal to anyone who can give me the manufacturer's name! They look exactly like the OEM S15 tail lights but the orange section is cleared. I already know about the other brands like D-Max etc which kind of look like...
  3. 8

    White one in maldon

    Just going though maldon and seen a white one going the other. Was in the van towing the bright orange lotus exgie (fox motorsport) Anyone on here?
  4. Silverstreak

    Full silicone hose kit for the SR20 DET

    I am in the process of having a full silicon hose kit made up for me. Once this has been done and I have tested the prototype, if it's good, then it will be being put into production. I will also be getting the cold air induction pipe done in both OEM and oversized for those of us running the...
  5. M

    HEL braided brake lines

    Hey folks. I have 2 spare kits left for the s15 that a couple of people couldn't pay for. Brand new, unfitted, still in packaging one kit is orange in colour and the other is clear hose stainless £65 each please located in fife, scotland
  6. J

    Detailing Jem - Nismo 350Z

    Yesterday it was the turn of this 350Z to have a full detail with some wet sanding thrown in for good measure! The car was a pretty typical case of swirly and lightly scratched paint, and needing a clean too: One of the problems was the passenger door had been repainted and left...
  7. S

    Jimmy's S15 Spec-R (Orange Edition)

    Hey i'm here for a long time without introducion me.. sorry :o. I bought the Silvia because the Honda Integra DC2 eudm with fwd gave me nothing.. But here is my car: Silvia like i bought it after 1 1/2 Year It has: Apexi Airflowfilter Nismo Highpower Catback Stock Orange...
  8. S

    FS: lots of parts :) need money to finish my s15

    new under 200miles exedy twin plate clutch for sr20det (5-speed) 750 :) Hks 6speed twinplate clutch with loads of meat £450 s13 rear knuckles with dw bush's £75 sand blasted and powdercoated in dw orange (but heavly scratched) never been on the road or track s13 rear subframe with dw...
  9. JaseYpk

    FS: BMW E36 bits for FREE!!!

    Not sure if the for sale section is 'S15 Specific' but i thought some freebies would be nice for someone.. for spares or whatever.. Theyre free because they're too cheap to sell. basically. haha. for BMW E36's (1990s 3 Series) All original parts i removed from my old 316i: Side Reapeaters...
  10. T

    Pic request/info - tinting rear lights

    Well I'm truly skint at the mo so modding on a budget and want to freshen the rear end up. The whole orange/red combo makes things look extremely dated. I'm potentially thinking of masking the lower half of the lights leaving them red and using tint spray on the orange top half but have a...
  11. F

    boost gauge??

    hello can somebody take a picture on the cables to conect the new cables into the old boost gauge cables?? its 4 cables red black white orange but do not no where to put them? thanks
  12. S

    LED change on defi or speed cluster

    As you all know, the instrument on silvia is orange but defi is amber red. I know there is orange but not an option for me. Is it possible to change LED on any of those two?
  13. Nicely

    Keep your indicators clean...

    Was changing over the front indicators on the Hilux the other evening. Look what I found inside.... :D Particularly like the way its orange.... :p :D
  14. A

    Orange suit seat!

    nice or?