1. H

    FS: 1999 Origin S15 Spec R

    For Sale is my 1999 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R SR20DET The car looks absolutely outstanding and turns heads wherever it goes. The car runs perfectly and wants for nothing mechanically wise. The car was imported at the beginning of 2018 by JapWestMods but sadly due to a sudden need to move...
  2. S

    FS: Low mileage Nissan Silva S 15 Spec R, Needs some bodywork attention.

    Removed until new v5 arrives.
  3. S

    WTB: Wider front wings

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a pair of wide front wings for my S15. The wider the better. If anybody has some for sale or knows of somewhere I can buy some decent ones (origin lab or similar) then let me know please. Thanks a lot :)
  4. J

    FS: Origin carbon bonnet - now straight sale

    For sale i have my Origin carbon bonnet (Type 2), it is in good condition with the only imperfection being that the clear coat has some hairline cracks near the bonnet catch. Here is a picture on my car: These are about £600 by time you've shipped it from japan and paid duty, i'm asking...
  5. A

    French S15 Spec S

    So after introducing myself, I'm introducing to you my S15 Spec S bought in Japan in february. First she was like that : But in France, we have to probate the car following various procedures, very long and very expensive, so I demanded to the japanese guy to keep the 18" rims and to mount...
  6. J

    FS: Origin carbon bonnet

    For sale/swap i have my Origin carbon bonnet (Type 2), it is in good condition with the only imperfection being that the clear coat has some hairline cracks near the bonnet catch. Here is a picture on my car: Ideally i am looking for a swap for a pearl white oem bonnet plus £100
  7. s15Irl

    Anyone have..

    Is there anyone out there with either an origin or dmax roof spoiler with OEM spoiler? Im in 2 minds about combining an origin roof spoiler with the OEM spoiler... Also should i spray it blue like my car? Leave it black? Or go carbon fibre? all opinions welcome and some pictures would be...
  8. Parky

    Anyone identify this spoiler / lip..?

    I spotted this on the S15 Lovers page on Facebook, have been considering a D-Max ducktail but not keen on how far they stick out, this one looks perfect so can anyone tell me what it is? I reckon combined with an Origin roof spoiler it would look awesome.
  9. C

    WTB: wanted origin racing line front bumper

    as the tittle looking for an origin racing line front bumper http://www.fortyone.co.nz/part_images/s15-front.jpg
  10. Cess

    Identify this spoiler

    Any ideas what this spoiler is? I removed it from my S15. Its not fibreglass and is very good quality and very pliable. Is it possible it is an Origin lip?
  11. R

    FS: Origin FRP vented bonnet £220

    Was told its origin but can't confirm. Either way decided to keep my carbon one so now surplus Looking for a quick sale and not willing to post due to it's fragile nature £220 inc the bonnet pins
  12. dave_t

    Name That Spoiler (Pics Inside)

    Been after this style of spoiler for a while, and finally bought one, the one pictured below. However, I am unsure of exactly what make/model this particular one is, it was described as an 'Origin', but as it extends over the rear lights i am unsure, as the origin spoiler i know of is a lip...
  13. W

    Request: s15 with origin trunk wing

    Hi guys I'm looking for photos of the s15 with an origin trunk wing There's only one on the origin site I'm not looking for the OEM boot spoiler Cheers
  14. E

    Recommend place to buy Origin carbon bootlid lip ?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good place to buy a Origin carbon boot lip wing, just the small slimline type ? The Origin importer in Aus has nil stock so interested to see if anyone know's were i can locate ... Thankyou !
  15. T

    FS: Wide arch S14a

    For sale is my S14a All body work just recently carried out .... Under body and arch treated and stone chip protected Origin Lab Aggressive line kit Origin Lab vented wings Origin Lab type 2 rear quarter panels Kouki rear spoiler Resprayed in custom matte black finish Custom vinyl...
  16. AllanOrr

    FS: Origin Style 25mm Front Wings (Unfitted)

    Hi guys, Decided to go down a slightly different path with the styling on my S15 and now wont be running another Drift kit as I can get the Bodykit I want copyed for roughly the same money which would make more sense to be honest :) Sooo I am selling the Origin styled 25mm Front wings I got...
  17. Re-VolveR

    picture request: s15 with ORIGIN body kit

    can't find any pictures of s15 with ORIGIN body kit like this:
  18. G

    origin streamline kit

    just got my origin streamline kit the other day would highly recommend to any one it was a genuine kit tho but it really is super smooth and the fit very good only a little but of cutting on the skirts and front bar for the cooler for it all to fit up
  19. M

    FS: origin smoked rear lights

    anyone want to swap my origin smoked rear lights for red and clears??or il sell mine for decent offers:thumbs:
  20. B

    FS: origin stylish bodykit include front and rearfenders

    wanna sell my originbodykit include the fenders (front 20mm, rear 50mm) complete kit 1100,- only origin bodykit 700,- only fenders 500,- OR OFFERS. parts are located in germany, can send pictures if need. parts are new...