1. vengee*

    WTB: S15 OEM coil packs

    Hi all! Looking for S15 oem coil packs. I've tried few online shops and ebay sellers and since I'm not able to get them in our country, I need to buy them online... Anyone knows where to get new ones in Europe? The problem is stock currently, so I'd have to wait 2-3 months, which is a no-go for...
  2. A

    Coil packs!

    I hear conflicting things about coil packs, some say Splitfire are better than OEM, others say you cant go wrong with OEM & aftermarket are rubbish. Seems theres 3 options most people talk about. OEM Nissan £400+ Splitfire £400+ Audi R8 (is this easy to do?) £20 each!? Which is best, any...
  3. John-

    Herts or cambs members

    My cars decided to develop a misfire under load. Looked over a few things but would like to try someone's coil packs to eliminate that. Would be eternally grateful, there may be a crate of beers in it for you... Cheers, John
  4. A

    starting problems

    Hey a couple weeks ago I had a breakdown caused by art of the wiring loom falling onto my manifold and melting through the clip* since then I've had trouble starting I've sorted the wiring out, replaced the spark plugs coil packs and a new...
  5. Tommy Kaira

    FS: Coil pack for sale

    Hi guys, One of my coil packs died a death so I got a set of spitfires. This means I've got 3 good coil packs available. If anyone needs one, just shout. Need to post a price so £50 each or offers
  6. S15AK

    Dirftworks coilpacks?

    Hi guys anyone tried or heard about these uprated Dirftworks coil packs? Reasonably priced so might be worth a punt...
  7. S15AK

    Borrow some S15 coil packs please...

    Hi Guys Long shot I know, but I need to borrow some coil packs, std or splitfires to work out if mine are knackered (currently splitfires). I don't want to fork out for a new set if they aren't the problem. I've had everything else looked at, vacuum system smoked tested, had it on the rolling...
  8. J0R04N

    Engine swap to RB25DET, What's my SR Worth??

    Seriously looking into an engine swap on my S15. At the moment I'm looking at an RB25DET from an R34 GTT. My question is how much is my SR worth with the gearbox and ancillary's. Will include spitfire coil packs, garage d strengthened box, stage 3 Exedy clutch and lightweight flywheel???
  9. S

    WTB: Known good coil packs SpecR

    Just been checking stuff over on my car and it looks like I have a coil pack down which is causing my miss fire. does anyone have a good set of know working coil packs from their SpecR? I want to double check that it is the coil pack before buying a new set. cheers
  10. s15wideass

    Splitfire coil packs, loom included in kit???

    Hey guys, i'm getting a set of splitfire coilpacks and i need a coil pack loom/harness so just wondering does the loom come with the splitfire setup or will i have to get that sepperatly because my harness is giving trouble.... anybody get the splitfire packs before?? any help much appriciated
  11. J0R04N

    FS: X4 Standard coil packs (perfect condition)

    I have for sale my standard set of coil packs. They came off my 2000 Spec R with around 33,000 miles of use. Selling as I have upgraded to a set of splitfire coil packs.They work perfectly and I have had no issues with them. £100 delivered Have pictures if required *****SOLD*****
  12. 70YSR

    HELP.... plugs? fuel filter? air filter? coil packs? or worse?

    i'll start of... all of a sudden my car looses all sense of power from about 4g+ and it sometimes splutters a bit through full acceleration. i'm about to change plugs and filters because they are about due anyway... but is it likely to be my coil packs or something worse?
  13. Curryzz

    FS: Few parts left over to sell,fenders,stereo trim,coil packs

    Hello guys, I have finally got round to having a look at what I have left over from when I owned a S15:) Standard down pipe £25.00 Standard coil packs x 3 £20.00 each Passenger side wing( dented)white £40.00 Drivers side wing(unmarked)white. £70.00 Standard stereo surround that houses the...
  14. Curryzz

    FS: Standard S15 coil packs for sale

    Hi guys, I have 3 standard coil packs for sale £20.00 each Paul
  15. Darren_S15

    Spitfire Ignition Packs

    Does anyone know where we can get Spitfire Ignition Packs from at the moment? I was going to get them from Nismods but their website is down at the moment and they are not taking orders yet. Cant seem to find them anywhere for the SR20DET. Thanks.
  16. A

    WTB: S15 Coil packs?

    Hi All, My S15 has developed a missfire when hot, and i can here an electrical buzzing sound at the same time.. Its fine when cold/warm and is only doing it occasionally, so i think one of the coil packs is on its way out. (would value people's opinions if they agree??) Does anyone have any...
  17. S

    FS: my blue 99 s15 turbo nice spec

    i have a blue s15 turbo top mount turbo tubular maifold external waste gate 550cc injectors front mount intercooler slitfire coil packs stainless straight through exhaust braided turbo feeds power fc ecu and controller apexi electronic boost controller boost gauge in air vent brand new...
  18. 2

    WTB: ECU, coil packs, loom

    guys, im looking for a s15 ecu, loom, and coil packs asap. cash waiting!!
  19. S

    WTB: Coil Packs

    Need S15 coil packs and the ecu plug on the loom is damaged so need one too ..if anyone can help... thanks in advance guys.. rich
  20. R

    WTB: s15 coil packs

    Hello Im after some s15 coilpacks ?? or does any one know were i can buy new Cheap ??