1. Cris69

    WTB: Standard speaker covers/ parcel shelf

    I'm after a standard set of rear speaker covers from the parcel sshelf any one help me out?
  2. A

    3rd brake light help

    I recently bought myself a 3rd brake light as i've been driving around without one. :o Anyway i noticed that the 3rd brake light has a connector at the end of the wires and i havent found any port around my parcel shelf area where it should connect to. I hope someone can shed light on this...
  3. J

    How to send a package to Hong Kong?

    Can someone help? I've been quoted ?75 by Post Office, ?95 by Fedex... it's crazy! I need to send a 3kg parcel to Hong Kong (My head unit's packed up so is going back under warranty). Anyone got any bright ideas? Parcel is 3 kg, 25cm3. :confused: :(
  4. Nicely

    Anyone dealt with Racespec?

    Ordered a catch tank off Racespec via last month. They confirmed the order and asked if I wanted the value marked down on the parcel. I unfortunately missed this request on the confirmation email, so didn't respond. Two weeks later, I chased it due to there being no sign on the parcel...