1. Joeh

    Japfest 2019 - Donington Park - 13/07/2019

    We're very late on this one as we've only got today to book in but we've got Club access for Japfest 2019 (Donington Park) on 13/07/2019 I'm hoping that if we can have 5 members or more book then I can organise a club stand for the S15 Owners Club If you would like to book, please do so today...
  2. Joeh

    Idea: Gauging Interest: Japfest 2019 - Donington Park

    Hello all! Unfortunately we've missed out on Japfest in Silverstone this year but we've still got Japfest in Donington Park on 13th July 2019 ahead of us, we've got a very short window of time to get this planned. From my understanding we've never held a clubstand at Donington and neither have...
  3. oilman

    Win 2 tickets to Donington Park - 19th June

    Fancy winning a pair of tickets to watch Opie Oils sponsor David Sleigh racing at Donington Park on Sunday 19th June? Opie Oils sponsor David Sleigh and his team have very kindly given us two tickets to Donington Park for Sunday 19th June. These tickets will provide one lucky winner and their...
  4. J

    japfest 2????

    anyone attending? I cant find anything about a stand or anything, and I cant make it to the weekender :cry: id rather park my car on a stand.
  5. oilman

    WIN 2 tickets to racing at Oulton Park - 8th August

    One of our top sponsors David Sleigh from DSR has very kindly given us two tickets to the 2015 Mini Festival been held at Oulton Park for Saturday 8th August. These tickets will give one winner and their guest entry to the event, where you will get to hang out with the team for the day. All you...
  6. Cess

    Identify this spoiler!

    Spotted this lip spoiler at JapFest at Mondello Park yesterday and was wondering can anybody tell me what it is? Mainly because, I've still got the same one here, lying spare and doing nothing.
  7. oilman

    WIN 2 tickets to Oulton Park Sat 12th July

    One of our top sponsors David Sleigh from DSR has very kindly given us two tickets to Oulton Park Mini Festival for Saturday 12th July where they will be competiting in Rounds 10 & 11 of the Scottish Mini Cooper Cup. These tickets will give one lucky winner and their guess entry to the event...
  8. Lanyard

    White s15 in JLR PJM carpark in Coventry

    Just saw this car after work, around 4:30pm parked up in PJM near the Coventry airport. Standard looking aero, very clean looking on some unknown black multi spoke alloys. Reg: ###HKY I've got a red s14a at the moment - soon to be a grey s15 and park there every day :wave: Also to be joined by...
  9. A

    White S15 - Wexham Park hospital Slough

    You turned right past the hospital towards Gerrards Cross, I was two behind you, don't think you clocked me?
  10. Sparky

    Meet: JDM North @ Oulton Park

    Hi Guys, Joined this group a couple of weeks ago and they are having a meet at Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire. Meet is organised for 30th November, 11am to 5pm. Entry is £2 per person as far as I am aware. 240 listed as going so far. I shall be attending in my black Spec R, if any other Silvia...
  11. N

    Open Event: Jae 2013

    The UK’s leading Japanese Car Club Show since 1991 The Japanese Auto Extravaganza Show, also known affectionately as JAE, is a must go to event in the calendar if you own a Japanese vehicle or are simply a fan. The dates for JAE this year are the 12th & 15th September with the venue being...
  12. LeeSpecR

    Meet: Beaconsfield services driftworks meet

    This is just a heads up.. i went to this meet last night was a 'drift works' meet but welcomed anyone along.was a good evening and a good turn out..even though it was freezing! Everyone was friendly,there was no silly driving (one or two but it was a metro and m5 driver) fair bit of space to...
  13. Mike

    Blue 15, NEC Birmingham, Blink182 gig.

    At the NEC for one of the three blink gigs have tickets for this year and saw this in the car park. Anyones?
  14. S15_SAM

    Open Event: Japfest Final rendezvous and Convoy thread

    So I thought best to start the thread as only 4 weeks to go. The final rendezvous for everyone to meet will be in Chippenham, on bumpers farm industrial estate, in the Pets at home/comet/wickes car park! RENDEZVOUS Bumpers Way Comet/wickes/pets at home car park Chippenham England SN14...
  15. C

    Open Event: Cadwell Park - £89 - Open pit lane - are you brave enough?!

    As the title says, you can book Cadwell Park for just £89 on Wednesday 28th March. It's a full day, open pit lane, so the best type of trackday available. I will be going in my Almera but should be fairly equal to a standard-ish Silvia, especially in the wet. All booked through Javelin...
  16. dave_t

    Fruitbooter @ ASDA, Wolverhampton

    Was behind you in the Blue CLK Convertible, navigating through the idiots in the car park haha looked and sounded beautiful :thumbs:
  17. D

    Red Spec-S in Buckingham

    Seen this a few times parked in the Swan Pool car park anyones on here?
  18. Surfing Boris

    Meet: Crooked Chimney Pub near Welwyn Garden City

    Hiya guys, I have posted on here a few times, i'm a massive fan of the S15 and jap cars in general having owned an FTO for some years and been a member and meet organiser on the FTOOC. I have just become the manager at The Crooked Chimney Vintage Inn Pub and have seen a number of photos...
  19. D

    Meet: Brisbane s15 meet

    Hi all, So a decision has been made the next meet will be on SATURDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2010. Meet at 10.00am Lincoln Street (Hanlon Park) depart by 10.30am sharp. From there we will head through the city onto the Bruce Hwy and then follow the signs at Landsborough through the scenic route and back...
  20. Adam L

    Parking worries...

    I'm assuming a few people worry about their cars when they leave them parked in mass story places. This is a first for me, as the car is so clean. I actually go out of my way to park at the back of a car park where there's so many free spaces, someone would have to be a real tool to plop their...