1. S

    R32 GTR Parking Brake Assembly

    A couple months back I purchased a complete R32 brake setup for my S15, which I regret doing now. I'm still waiting on getting the pins, clips, and springs for the front calipers. I'm also missing a piece for the rear calipers that would allow the braided lines to connect to the calipers. I've...
  2. K

    FS: RARE BRAND NEW S15 Factory Options: S15 Parking Pole and S15 Mirror Visors

    Hi S15OC! My name is Zach and I'm from the USA. First off, I love S15's but they are impossible to find in the USA. These parts took me a couple years to find but I think it's time to sell. You can view my feedback at my user name is Ki_JDM_ds on there as well. -Extremely RARE Brand...
  3. F

    Silver? S15, Bournemouth, Abbeylife parking lot

    saw from my room window a silver s15 this morning, around 7-8 ish! was driving on the parking place from abbeylife/lloyds tsb on holdenhurst road to a sub-ground level. looked like it had a standard spoiler with removed centerpiece, not sure though! look seriously sexy, first own i saw in real...
  4. T

    Help Please

    Im in need of some help guys and i hope someone can sort me out,the other night i was driving and my dash lights went,and the car behind me start flashing me so i pulled over and my rear lights were gone too,when i got home i noticed my parking lights were also gone ,so i now have no rear,dash...
  5. Nicely

    Crap parking... :cry:
  6. D

    hello from nz ver2

    greetingz :wave: nice to see s15 owners from all over the world here this is dns from newzealand so this is my stockish ride jus some quick fotos i found... i hope i can find some more later on some pics from last night's cruise with friends pardon me if the hondas offended anyone :p rwd...
  7. S

    Parking sushiming, its for You :thumbs: