1. R

    FS: Wanted: S15 Hid Passengers Side Headlight

    Hi all, just wondering would anyone have or does anyone know where i could get a passengers side black housing HID headlamp for my s15. Must be in very good condition with none of the clips broken and little to no damage on the glass if possible. Whats out there? Cheers Ken
  2. Joeh

    S15 Passengers Mirror - Motor

    Hi all Sorry for bombarding with my issues :( My passengers electric mirror is not functioning - does it run under a fuse or anything? I've tried the mirror from the drivers side on the passengers side and that doesn't work either - I've tried the passengers mirror on the drivers side and it...
  3. B

    srs - airbag resistance

    hi there, i want to replace my oem steering wheel with a aftermarket one. because i still want to have the passengers airbag worked and without any errors at the indicator. soo, i have to put a resistor to the plug from the airbag for telling the system that ther still s a airbag. so no...
  4. andeep

    FS: S15 Spec R Seats

    I have the Driver and Passenger seats from my S15 Spec R for sale. These seats are absolutely MINT! No marks, stains, rips, tears, nothing! These will fit perfectly and a straight swap in any S13, S14, S14a and provide a lot more support than the original seats. Both for £200 PM me with...
  5. P

    WTB: WTB: Passenger's Headlight or Cover

    Hi All, I'm after a passenger's side Headlight, or just a cover if anyone has one laying around. Let me know what you have via PM. Cheers, Lucas