1. Auss15

    Paul Walkers incredible car collection

    This documented video shows the amazing car collection Paul Walker had..
  2. Nissan_S15

    Paul Walker Official Tribute Video - Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal

    Today they launched Paul Walker's Official Tribute Video, which was Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal studios. Really something brilliant that they have put together here, enjoy:
  3. pegliobaglio

    Decals for paul walkers charity

    Guys not sure if anyone is interested but one of my friends is making up some decals and all proceeds are going to paul walkers charity. If anyone is interested let me know and I will pas on details these are what's on offer Also doing still a buster decal £1.50 per sticker she is donating the...
  4. N80Jamie

    Anyone know either of these S15's?

    1st - 2nd- Anybody know if the cars have been about on either here or SXOC and...
  5. C

    WTB: Propshaft for S14

    Hi I am looking for a propshaft for an S14 anyone help Paul
  6. C

    Will an Almera ECU fit an S14 sr20

    Does anyone know if an Almera ECU will work on a S14 SR20DE engine as I have the engine but cant find an ECU or harness? Paul
  7. A

    WTB: Wtb rear spats!!

    Hey guys, Looking for some S15 Rear spats, genuine or replica doesn't bother me as long as fitment is good for the latter. Thanks, Paul.
  8. A

    WTB: Spec R Badge for Driver's Side

    Looking for an *oem* Spec R badge for the driver's side (if there is any difference). Used or new! Please P'm! Thanks, Paul.
  9. Curryzz

    Will S14a seats be the same fitment as S15

    Yelllow:) Do we know if s14 seat fitment is the same for S15? Paul
  10. Curryzz

    Car starts to judder under load

    fixed Paul
  11. Curryzz

    Maybe I'm going mad

    Jut a quick one, my digital clock in the dash always stays on, does evrybodys do this I'm sure it used to go of when I remove the keys from the ignition? It's not illuminated as such like the lights are on it's just showing the time all the "time" lol, but I'm sure I would take the keys out and...
  12. Curryzz

    WTB: Standard injector please

    Need a standard injector if anyone has one? Cheers Paul
  13. Curryzz

    body kits.....

    thinking of buying a new body kit for my car, does anyone know what body kit they have on Japspeeds s15s, what its made of and where im likely to find one? i like the look of those cheers, Paul
  14. Curryzz

    WTB: Wanting swap of my civic for an s15 heres the link if you're interested :) standard or modified s15 Cheers, Paul
  15. P

    Hello from the States =)

    Hi guys, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Paul from Sunny Southen CAlifornia About 4 months ago i finally recieved a bone stock 01' Spec-r and have nothing but great things to say about it. It's my first silvia but i did previously did own a U.S spec S13 w/ Sr20 and I recently sold...
  16. P

    FS: White S15 R with Aero kit for sale '99 58k

    Heres the ad: E-mail me at If genuinely interested. Regards, Paul.
  17. P

    Trouble starting

    Hi guys, I've noticed that the car takes a while to fire up, sometimes it barely manages to. Do you think a change of spark plugs will help this? Thanks, Paul.