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    Torque damper issue - problem after installing

    Hi guys, I installed torque damper (from ebay) on my S15 yesterday. after installation i detected that, engine idle work is not stable anymore, rpm roles between 600-1100. Is this a problem? cars works perfectly
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    FS: Z32 afm brand new for sale

    Hi Guys, I am currently selling Z32 AFM manufactured in the UK with a 12 month warrenty. the price is £250.00 including P+P to UK. *AFM plug not supplied please note that these Z32 AFM are not those fake ones that you buy from Ebay and these are genuine remakes made here in the UK. I am...
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    I hope this makes sense so here goes. I curently have a standard exhaust on my 180sx and want to change it. The exhaust i took to the mechanic was 180sx exhaust, however, he said that it wont fit. The standard exhaust i have on there is sort of like an L shape, that is it runs thoough the center...
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    Slam Panels or Cooling plate

    I think there nice and said i would show them to ye. ?185 These stunning carbon fibre panels help improve air flow throuugh your radiator and therefore improve cooling efficiency. The cover the front panel of your Silvia / 200SX and extend all the way to the grille / head lights. Being...