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I hope this makes sense so here goes. I curently have a standard exhaust on my 180sx and want to change it. The exhaust i took to the mechanic was 180sx exhaust, however, he said that it wont fit. The standard exhaust i have on there is sort of like an L shape, that is it runs thoough the center and bends towards the left side of the car and comes out the back. The 180sx exhaust hower doesnt fit perfectly in the space provided for the exhaust becasue the exhaust is fairly straight.If anyone knows what im talking about can you tell me whether the exhaust is supposed to fit perfectly in the space provided or not.

on this link there is a picture of two exhausts. The one on the right is the one i currently have where is bends like an L and fits perfectly and the one on the left is the new exhaust which doesnt bend or fit exactly.


I really hope that made sense.
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