1. simon

    perfectrun wheel bearing link?

    hows it going i need a rear wheel bearing, did a search got the part number and recommendation to use perfectrun im having trouble finding the part with them though does anyone have a link? thanks
  2. D

    9 years of dirt

    after removing my passenger airbag from my dash i saw that my airconditioning filter had never been changed. so i ordered one from perfectrun, and it was sent on the 25th and recieved today :eek::eek::eek:. thought it would be at least a week. so a big thanks to perfectrun. then i cut the...
  3. S

    Perfectrun - Anyone need anything?

    Gents Ive got some things being shipped over from Japan via Perfectrun. ETA is mid next week. I still have some room in one of the boxes so if anyone needs anything, let me know now. You will save a bit on shipping.
  4. D

    Order from PerfectRun

    Hallo Everyone! I?m thinking of ordering some wheelnuts from PerfectRun. It says that it?s 16 of them. And 4locks. That means it?s 20. Right? How long does it take to have them in Sweden? Many thanks! //Daniel
  5. Yakozan

    New HKS EVC5 now out on

    Just spotted the new HKS EVC5 on perfectrun. Price is 56700JPY :)
  6. M

    Touch Up Kits

    I know Ive read a thread on this but I cant find it..... So Im wondering if somebody (probably Ming) can confirm the part number for a touch up kit for colour code WKO. Nissan UK show it as non existent but I assume thats just because its an accessory in FAST. Part number I think is correct is...
  7. Nicely

    Perfectrun are the nuts!

    Got a small delivery from Perfectrun today :nod: It was sent on Wednesday... :eek: :nod: :notworthy: I ordered it on the 15th, however, due to the Jap public hols last week, the parts could be ordered from Nissan until Monday this week. Truly amazing effort. Five working days from order to...
  8. D

    Blitz electrinics

    Alrite lads, I am after blitz temperature sensors and blitz A/f meter sensor to suit my sbc i colour. Reccomend anywhere to buy? Nengun don't have them. Perfectrun has. I just haven't emailed them yet. Any help? Derek
  9. Nicely

    Grrr! Fecking Customs

    Well, had to happen sooner or later. Just got wacked on a delivery from Perfectrun. :rant: ?26.09 VAT and..... . . . . . . ?13.50 Parcelfarce clearance fee!!??! :mad: :furious: :annoyed: :cry: