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    Car Audio buying

    Hi all,Could someone recommend any shops(online as well) for buying car stereo and speakers please? Thanks a lot Peter
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    How to post Attachments please

    Hi All,could someone please tell me how to post pics (attachments) on for sale section?Thanks Peter
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    Cougar Power Motorsport

    Hello guys. I am Peter, owner of Cougar Power Motorsport , Cyprus. I am very glad i can be a member of your company here. Just to let you know about Cougar : We are sole distributors for Cyprus of HKS, WORK wheels, Brembo among other companies. We work very hard to find and import the best...
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    hey guys

    Hello guys from Cyprus. you ve got a really nice place here for the S15 enthousiasts and owners. Well i could use your help onto something. I am looking for a shell or damaged S15 to import . Thinking about a drift project. Do you have anything in mind or do you know places that i can ask about...