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    Newbie from Manchester

    Hi Everyone :) I've just put a deposit down on my first S15 Spec-R. Looking forward to going picking it up soon and getting more involved around here. Sam.
  2. R

    audio help

    heya can anyone tell me where to buy a stereo unit bracket, my car currently has 2 single din units installed from japan (midi disc player and a dvd player) i will most likely take the dvd player out 1st as its all in japanese and not picking many stations up here.. secondly what size speakers...
  3. F

    WTB: Window Switches

    Hi folks, I need a pair of drivers & passengers window switches to fit to a set of doorcards I'm picking up this Sunday Cheers Alex
  4. M

    Hi newbie from east sussex

    Hi everyone, been on here a while and just floating around done some research and reading up. Never thought id manage to get an s15 this quick but im picking this up on wednesday http://www.driftworks.com/forum/drift-cars-sale-private-sales/173650-full-wide-kitted-well-specd-s15.html I imagine...
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    Hello everybody!

    Hi there, my name is Martin and i'm from Llanelli in South Wales. Currently driving one of these: But next Saturday i will be picking up my Ichi-go from Torque GT. Went down to see it yesterday, still registered on Japansese plates. Had a couple of cosmetic blemishes but they are getting...
  6. G

    engine rebuild with nitto parts

    hey just wondering if any one has used nitto pistons or con rods before, as im just in the stage of picking my parts out for my bottom end rebuild, cheers www.nitto.com.au
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    Hey guys :wave: , I'm from Malaysia and i've recently got myself an '02 Spec R after selling off my 99' Altezza RS200. The car is pretty much stock now, leaving me plenty of 'room' to work on it.. Hope to learn a thing or two from u guys.. Here are them pics when i was in the midst of...
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    American Newbie :)

    I don't own an S-15 Silvia (yet). My name is Jason, I'm in the US Air Force, and on my way to Okinawa Japan in June, and I'll be there a minimum of 4 years. I plan on picking up an S-15 Spec-R shortly after I arrive, they are priced very well there, $10k US for a nice stock one. I'm not much...