1. LuPix_S15

    To pillowball or not to pillowball?

    Howdy folks :wave: Just need some advice on pillowballs and geometry stuff... I'm gonna be ordering a set of Tein Super Street coilovers next week and wanted to know whether it's a MUST have to get the pillowball top mounts straight away? I will mainly be driving on usual UK bumpy roads...
  2. Nicely

    MoT failure

    Yes, its true!! Couldn't believe it. Got the usual advisories: braided hoses need grommets in the coilovers, pads are low, rear suspension arm has slight play in pin/bush (going to get them to show me exactly which one, as they're all pillowball... :rolleyes: ). So, what did it fail on? Only...
  3. N

    Advice needed for Suspension Pillowball mount !

    Hi Guys, I have been Using Tien HA Suspension and only recently added the Tien Pillowball mount for my Front and rear. After having the Pillowball mount installed, it seems that my Rear has been making Knocking noises :confused: , is that normal?? I did not have this problem before the...