1. K

    WTB: A few s15 parts wanted!

    SpecR badge as my driver side one is broken! Hks or blitz BOV/dump valve. Front brake caliper pins and clips. Will be adding more bits I need soon......
  2. 2fst4u

    Well, crap

    This is such a hard piece of hardware to describe but here goes: Firstly, I have gtr32 front brakes. So, yes, this would possibly be better placed in a skyline forum but Meh. On the front brakes there are two pins to hold the pads in. To hold those pins in place there is a piece of...
  3. 2fst4u

    Possible stupid question to follow

    The stupidest questions are those that aren't asked though. Should the Air con relay "click" audibly when the "AC" button is pushed, while the HVAC is on and blowing air and set to 18 degrees Celsius? Regardless of all other factors such as pressure in the system and engine running? If I'm...
  4. S

    WTB: 2x Glove box pins. (the plastic ones that hold the glove box at the bottem)

    As requested. one of mine has snapped and need another one. The little black pins that hold the glove box in.
  5. DeviouS15

    Rattling brake pad pins...

    Hi guys, im just wondering if anyone else here that has the standard spec r front brakes has ever had a problem with the brake pins causing a terrible rattling noise when driving over sudden bumps or drops on the road surface at low speed? I can grab the tops of the brake pads (while the cross...
  6. N

    So i finally took delivery.... few issues to sort out though.

    Hey guys, finally took delivery of my car...But as with all second hand imports, there are always a few issues that need sorting out. First off, I have a very very erratic idle, but it keeps the idle at about 900rpm. needle doesnt really move.. but it rough. it seems in Singapore they cut...
  7. J

    JAPSPEED Bonnet Pins

    Hi Guys We've just taken delivery of some Bonnet Catches & Pins and thought we'd give you guys first look at them :) Universal Bonnet Catches & Pins - Locking and Non Locking * Bonnet pins are essential if your car has a carbon or fibreglass bonnet. * The Aerocatch is a new design of...
  8. andeep

    FS: AeroCatch Flush Plus Locking bonnet pins NEW

    Got a pair of AeroCatch Plus Flush Locking bonnet pins. I was going to put them on my car but never did, so they are brand new and never opened. Lets say £40 Posted?
  9. F

    Rebuilding engine question?

    :confused: Having toasted my engine at the track I have started the rebuild and was wandering if someone could tell me if piston pins can be fitted at home or are they a specialist job the requires heat and a press?
  10. J

    180sx raido help!!!!

    well one of the lads bought a 180sx yday but the raido dosent work,as it wont pick up irish stations.i got a band expander and took the raido out but descovered,its not the normal raido reception shaped plug that goes into the back of it,instead its one with 2 small pins on it..does anyone know...
  11. sushiming

    Changing S15 Front Brake Pads

    I need to replace them so i thought i would be nice and sort out a brake pad changing write up at the same time for the people that havent done it before so here we go...... Tools you will need Jack, Screwdriver flat bed one, clamp, copper grease, First un do the wheel nuts before jacking up...
  12. Nicely

    Indicator Relay

    Can someone with immediate access to their S15 please go and take a look at the indicator relay for me? I need to know how many pins it has and, specifically, if it looks like this (not red). I think its in the footwell fuse box.
  13. A


    Where to find ECU pins for S13/14/s15..... what is 33 Pin??