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So i finally took delivery.... few issues to sort out though.



Hey guys,

finally took delivery of my car...But as with all second hand imports, there are always a few issues that need sorting out.

First off, I have a very very erratic idle, but it keeps the idle at about 900rpm. needle doesnt really move.. but it rough.
it seems in Singapore they cut the return fuel line and blocked both ends off. Im thinking this could be the cause maybe?

and it seems the wiring harness has been rubbing up against the tire under the drivers side fender. does this meen i need to strip back each individual wire and recover them? how else could/should this be mended?

second thing is... it has the flimsiest carbon bonnet iv ever come accross.... i can see day light right through the weave. hahaha... but heres the main prob. No bonnet pins, just the bonnet latches. so i need to make up some pins and mount them.

other then those issues all is well.

Oh and my airflow sensor isnt the usual plastic type...ill take a pic and let you all have a look at it. It has metal casing. is this usual for a standard S15?

Hope you can all help...

Its gonna be an awesome project car!:cool:
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