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    new from australia

    Hello people, name Jason from Victoria in Australia I drive a spec-r s15 Silvia adm, il post pix once I can/ work out how :)
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    Hi, s15 from Australia -)

    :wave: HI! Im from Melbourne! Thought id join and contribute to this forum. Im originally from Bosnia, live in Australia. Here few pix of my ride:
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    lu pix did you know.....

    you're famous on fithgear? lol was just watching this and thought "oh i recognise that plate" 1.12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep5XkxsOT64&feature=fvwrel
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    RG or F1?

    Should I go Advan RG white 17x8.5 +31 7.5kg or Enkei RP-F1 17x8 Silver 7.1kg I compared the weight and they are very similar. I think it will come down to the taste but they all look tempting!! debate? Random pix.... btw Advan RG II is not better than just RG is it?
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    First S15 in Germany

    Hey i'm Thorsten (22) from Germany and this is my Baby Nissan Silvia Spec.R Year 99, first registered in Germany April '08 70.000km Mods HKS Filter 3" Downpipe 3" Catback 17" AVS Rims VA 235/45 R17 HA 255/40 R17 Red-Clear Taillights Recaro Seats parts i have under my bed :D Ultralite...
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    andy's s15 (no mods yet)

    i just got her a week ago and im still recovering from the blow i copt from the insurance pay :( hopefully ill start the mods soon :) that wing and the reflectors are the first things gettin sold on ebay look this is too confusing to add pix in the text box so just click on the links thnx...