1. bzh kevin


    Hi everyone, I am kevin . I have been a happy s15 owner for the past few weeks and I hope It will remain this way . Here is my car (sorry, it needs a good clean) : I will try to upload better pictures when I get a chance to take some . The car is standard apart from some fancy ICE...
  2. S15_SAM

    WTB: Low mileage viscous fan from spec r

    Hi guys. Would like a low mileage viscous fan if any of you have one when you've changed to electric. mine has abit of play and I plan on changing the belts and wouldn't mind swapping the fan for a good one.
  3. R

    WTB: Stock R/Bumper

    must be real cheap or free please as i plan to chop it up!!!.... 07817028470 thanks
  4. U

    hi from brisbane :)

    My name's ebony and below is my amazing s15 that I've always wanted.She's a major big dream come true, still has an SR20DET engine in it with a few modifications here and there ;). Fixing the body kit at the moment but I've had for over a year now and I absolutely love it and never plan on...
  5. dave_t

    Gearbox & Diff Oil Change - Opinions?

    Got a couple of days off towards the end of the week so i plan to do some general maintenance on the S15, starting with a gearbox & diff oil change. edit:- i should add i do plan on taking it to the nurburgring, and attend a couple of track days in the not so distant future, so that's one of...
  6. S

    Shifty's Spec R s15

    may as well stick a project thread up for this as i plan to make several changes, both small and large :D Bit of history, bought the car on Tuesday from SVA in Dover. Quite a nice spec all ready, suspect it was a drifter in Japan as it seems to have had some decent parts on it. SVA seems to...
  7. N

    Clutch advice needed

    Hey guys, The situation im in is this - I have gearbox whine so have bought a replacement. My car is on 44.5k miles and i believe the original clutch and flywheel setup. My plan is to replace at least the clutch when i swap the box. I'll give Driftworks a ring but thought its best to ask here...
  8. Fruitbooter

    What does the future have in store for your S15?

    Was thinking earlier I wonder how many people on here feel the same as me and what does everyone have in store for theirs.. I for one don’t want to ever sell my S15, the only reason Id' sell really is if I were desperately broke and it was a forced sale, or I decided to go for my dream car the...
  9. J


    Hi guys recently bought a S15 so thought ide get on a forum. recently had hondas, went for the rwd change :D. ive been after one for years now and finally found a good one (fingers crossed) its a 2000, few subtle mods, Tein coilovers,Hks front mount with h/pipes, HKS induction kit, HKS Evo3...
  10. J

    New guy from Australia

    Hey guys i drive a 2003 hilux ute but soon as i start work full time i plan on buying a non turbo s15 i am still not sure on how much it would cost me?
  11. LuPix_S15

    350+ bhp tuning plan - comments/feedback please

    Ok, over to the experts on here :) Here's my plan for the 15 over the next 10 months... been thinking things through but not too much in case my head starts hurting?! Please bear in mind due to funds etc I'm doing the performance side in two stages - first stage with stock tubby, second stage...

    Hello from the frozen north...

    Hello guys, Instead of working, I've been poking around this site looking at various thread!:rotfl: The names Matt and I plan to be a S15 owner the minute they are legal for use in Canada. I had a S13 that I had to part ways with because I had to pay for school. Now that I've finished I've...
  13. F


    Hi all, I have just bought, for track use, a set of Evo VII OZ Alloys :hurl:17"x8" 38 off-set with part worn Dunlop DZ02G tyres 235/45/17 for NZ$450 which is around 170 GBP. :nod: I was just wandering if anyone else had ever used these, my plan is to buy a pair of DZ03G 215/45/17 for the...
  14. I

    New Australian member

    Hi thought id introduce myself. My names Alex, just bought my first s15 a week ago. Loving it. Definitely a good choice. Dont know what i plan to do to it atm, but enjoying reading about the stuff everyone else has done to theirs on here, heaps of inspiration :thumbs:
  15. Big Ned

    Big Ned's Spec R

    As of 11am today I was the proud owner of an S15 Silvia. The car's standard. 53k Miles one the clock. Beautiful car, everything is still nice and tight, and it's nice and grippy. Quick car too. I don't plan on doing much to it. Probably just air filter and dump valve. Here's some pics
  16. P


    Are the small boot spoilers stuck on or bolted on? Im trying to get a car at the moment but its got the small spoiler fitted and i want to fit the aero spoiler. If they are bolted on are they bolted in the same place?? Here's a pic of the spoiler i'l be wanting to take off if all comes to plan
  17. J

    Finally swaping my FTO for a S15

    Hey, just wanted to introduce myself to all you guys who i havent already met via SXOC, for the most part, probably as im gonna be needing so much help and guidence over the next few weeks as i try to sell my FTO GR i'v had for the past 4 years in order to buy my first slivia S15. I was hoping...
  18. J

    Initial D : drift racer

    Can't see it anywhere near me :( The closest is Birmingham Star City, about 1.5hrs away. Banbury sucks. Any of you lot seen it? or plan to?