1. L

    WTB: Z32 rear hub backing plates

    Hi, I've just bought a z32 brake setup bit it's missing the backing plates what all the handbrake mech fixes to. Anyone got anything? Leo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. L

    Custom pressed jap plates

    Hi guys, I'm after a set of pressed jap plates for shows but with my original Japanese reg. Does anyone know anywhere that doe them? I can either find pressed but with set numbers or printed with custom numbers Thanks, Leo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. S

    New owner

    Hi guys, Just about to take delivery of my new Spec R which had imported from Torque GT. It's been a long wait! Need to get it insurance sorted so they can register it but it's proving really difficult and hoping with your experience you may be able to advise. I have no previous no claims...
  4. A

    Number plates

    Im getting my aero bumper sorted out & need a smaller plate as the one I have hangs down a fair way & would cover the fmic a bit (its also cracked anyway) cause I will have to mount it in the middle of the aero bumper. I see small number plates on a lot of your cars, whats the best size to get...
  5. vinnie

    Help with car registration

    Right so finally I got my spec r the other week, tried too get an MOT but failed because of no ref plates. So filled out the v55 form, sent the money with the paper work and now got a letter through saying I have no MOT. Said to the MOT people and they said there's no other way about it, no...
  6. Jordan

    FS: x2 Cusco Strut braces

    For sale I have x2 Cusco strut braces. One set of end plates has been sprayed black, the other coated in manly pink powder coat. If someone wants one set of end plates on the other brace then just let me know. Metal brace: £80 Delivered Carbon Brace: £100 delivered
  7. holzkreuz

    FS: Nagisa Auto Shakitto Plates & Bootlip

    Have these for sale now: Nagisa Auto Shakitto Plates for the S15 150€ + shipment (Very RARE!) Were on my S15 but dont need these anymore: Mounted: How they look Boot Lip Spoiler for the S15 130€ + shipment No Cheap FRP, PUR Material and very flexible Dont know the Manufacturer Were also...
  8. C

    WTB: Fog light blanking plates

    I'm looking for a set of OE foglight blanking plates (no fog light holes), for the Aero bumper. Not sure if they are the same for the non-aero bumpers but if you have a set, please post a pic so I can tell! Not looking to exchange, just to buy. Thank you. :)
  9. LuPix_S15

    GT Race Mirrors - Did My Own Version :)

    Hey guys :) Thought I'd share with you my latest mod which I'm rather proud of lol... Recently I've been really wanting a set of GT race style mirrors and the only company that seemed to do a proper kit for the S15 is CraftSquare. They are very propular and pretty much every Silvia...
  10. S15AK

    Number plates?

    Hi Guys.. What is the deal with square front number plates? I've got a drift kit on so the best place to hang a plate is a 11x8 square plate on the near side front. Just wandering if that is illegal, and if anyone else has their plate in that position? I've already ordered one so its a...
  11. J

    WTB: Wanted s14/s15

    well guys my mate is looking for a s14 or s15,must be in ireland and on irish plates as vrt is a rip off!!if anyone has anything for sale let me know....
  12. kimi

    private plates

    hi guys as some of you know i've joined the s15 plate club :D just a quick question, i've had all my papers back,tax disc etc and put my new plates on. Only where do i send my tax disc back to ? they told me to send it back to them in the envelope provided..but there was no envelope...