1. R

    audio help

    heya can anyone tell me where to buy a stereo unit bracket, my car currently has 2 single din units installed from japan (midi disc player and a dvd player) i will most likely take the dvd player out 1st as its all in japanese and not picking many stations up here.. secondly what size speakers...
  2. crazymat666

    factory cd/cassette player removal

    hi im looking into getting a few subs on the go as the standard non base music is getting abit boring now haha. i just wondered if anyone knew how to remove the factory cd/cassette player as i would like to see if i can link my subs up to this unit or if i have to buy something else. help...
  3. crazymat666

    cd player does sub leads fit?

    i have the standard cd/cassette player in the spec r and i was wondering if i put my sub in the back would the leads plug staight in the back of the unit or not? or would it be worth just buying a new head unit
  4. M

    problem with radio reception

    hi lads just bought a s15 recently and my radio isnt working.ive seen on the forum that this is a common problem with imports.theres a sony cd player fitted just wondering does anyone know how to fix this?cheers lads
  5. AllanOrr

    FS: Few things :)

    I have for sale a Single Din facia that came with my car when it was imported but i have now stuck in a double din cd player so its just in a box and also have a MD player that came in it aswell if someone needs a space filler would be ideal, also a turbo timer that came with it though being...
  6. B

    Disconnected the battery

    Now the immobiliser/ remote central locking and cd player dont work :( how do I fix them? I think the cd player needs a code or something, not sure why the immobiliser doesnt work
  7. G

    % of stereos robbed enroute

    Hey lads, my S15 is on the way over with a cd player and flip out dvd player. jus wondering what are the odds of these surviving the trip over from japan? a lot of imports i see come over with a big hole where the stereo used to be. they seem to be robbed at the port or en route. gear knobs seem...
  8. J

    I hate my head!

    No - not the one on my neck... that's not nearly as bad as the Kenwood in my S15 :D Seriously, apart from it being a bit of a biaatch to operate settings etc. I find the CD player skips an awful lot. Now I've cleaned the CD player lense and tried a brand new disc in the player and it still...