1. S

    S15 wheel question

    I purchased some wheels from the US, but because of Hurricane Sandy, the expected delivery date has been pushed to mid December. I ordered some MB Weapons. Up front I got 18x8 w/ 30mm offset and the rears are 18x9 w/ 38mm offset. Will these bolt straight on with out any issues clearing? I still...
  2. pegliobaglio

    FS: standard front brake set up

    Hi guys, Have swapped my fronts out for some brembos so need to shift these. They are standard spec r calipers,come with braided lines, discs and pads with plenty of life in them and all the bolts etc needed to fit em looking for £70 ono delivered in the uk
  3. K

    cam choices

    whats the crack guys, what are you all using, what powers are you getting...... im looking for upto 400bhp was going to go for hks 264 but after reading a few threads on here 256 maybe plenty?
  4. LuPix_S15

    Curborough Sprint Track - 27/02/10 VIDEOS + PICS

    Went to Curbrough Sprint Track yesterday for the first time... it's a very short course but ideal for testing out the car and being an old airfield has plenty of run off so I was deffo pushing Silvia 100% (well almost lol)... It was also very wet and cold so plenty of chance for sideways fun...
  5. P

    Hi All

    Just thought I'd introduce myself then :) My name is Phil, I live in Jersey which is in the Channel Islands, United Kingdom. Currently trying to source an S15 as per my topic in general chat and we will see how that goes, shall know for sure on Monday the 29th if I get it or not! erm yeah...