1. andeep

    Walbro won't fit

    I've put my Walbro into the cradle, but the ports don't line up. I've put the original rubber holder at the top in correctly, as the Walbro one is too big: But the ports don't line up: What am I doing wrong? The Walbro is the correct one and is meant to be a direct fit.
  2. S


    Hi all. Im looking at getting a few parts together before i get my s15. Im currently looking at a Greddy informeter touch, and it comes with an obd2 plug, for most modern vehicles, other leads are available for different applications at extra cost. Just wondering if someone could tell me if...
  3. Yakozan

    Fitting a thermo to the oil cooler lines?

    I have a oil cooler with filter relocation siting in the garage waiting to get in. But I've recently heard from a Skyline GTR owner with the same kit that he saw way to low oil temp with the cooler on. So now I've decided to fit a thermostat. The setup I'm looking at is something like this...