1. sam.wales.7543

    Hi from Cambridge

    Hi guys Thought I beat say hi, name's Sam I live and work in Cambridge Seen a couple S-bodies about but no S15's :( Be great to possibly try and organise some social do-hickeys and meet some local people Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. N

    FS: S15 DMAX Copy 20mm Front Wings & Rear Boot Spoiler. Genuine VeilSide VS-D1 Bonnet

    DMAX Copy 20mm Front Wings. Now Sold. £150 Collection From Bromsgrove B61 0 (Can possibly arrange to meet within reasonable distance and fuel costs covered) S15 DMAX Copy Rear Boot Spoiler £60 Collection From Bromsgrove B61 0 (Can possibly arrange to meet within reasonable distance...
  3. s15Irl

    Cooling/slam panel

    Just wondering does anyone know if the s14 200sx panel possibly fits the s15? Thanks
  4. B

    Air Flow Meter question

    Possibly a dumb question but anyway.... Are the AFMs the exact same on the spec S and spec R or are they different? Are the codes different etc.
  5. A

    My 8:22 BTG lap of the 'ring.

    Some of you may find this interesting. Possibly the fastest documented lap of the ring in an S15?
  6. Jay-pan

    Undecided on what to do with spoilers

    Right decided to fit a roof spoiler and undecided on what goes best with it.. 1) Roof spoiler and Dmax boot lip 2) Roof spoiler and aero spoiler 3) Roof spoiler and Drift spoiler low down not stupidly high 4) Non of the above 5) Just aero spoiler. I know this is going to come down to what i...
  7. A

    D1 super ground kit help

    Can anyone help me with this? I need fitting help as when it comes to electrics I'm a complete pleb! But it doesn't look to taxing lol if anyone has fitted one could they possibly post pics up of where each end connects to :) would be a massive help. Thanks guys :D
  8. J

    what colour wheels? cant decide :(

    HELP ME :( for those who havnt seen my car:- thanks im thinking possibly bronze?
  9. mint

    Mint's JAE Photo's

    Part 1 of possibly 4 now on the fruit. Still got a few hundred to get through. Off to bed though.
  10. T

    WTB: S15 BB tubby 99-00.....

    As title suggests in need of a T28 BB tubby off the early S15's if anyone has one. Or just keep your ears open for one. OR possibly this may be the chance for a GT2871................:smitten: