1. Jordan

    FS: Apexi PowerFC for S15

    Don't really want to sell this but need to really. Brand new PowerFC and new type hand controller. Never used or fitted to my car. To be honest i've never got round to getting it on and mapped and it's just sat here :( I'm looking for £520 delivered. Will have to be paid for via Paypal...
  2. S

    Apexi PowerFC or Something Else????

    I currently have an Apexi PowerFC installed in my S15. It was already installed in my car when I purchased it. I'm not a big fan of having the controller loosly sitting around in the car (I am going to have it velcroed somewhere so that it is out of the way). I was wondering if anyone had any...
  3. S

    FS: PowerFC and handcontroller S15 for sale

    PowerFC and handcontroller S15 for sale I've got an almost new powerfc and controller for sale. Used for 600 miles only. I'm after 600,- pounds for this shipped. Great mod for mild tuned S15's. Bart
  4. meddler

    WTB: Powerfc Commander

    Guys, I have just bought a powerfc pro (p/n: 414-N009) for my s15 and it didn't come with the commander (the pro versions don't) :( Now, I have just tried my mates commander from a 414-AN018 (commander p/n: 415-X001) and it doesn't work. :censored: Why is it they have to have so many different...
  5. F

    FS: Used S15 PowerFC - L-Jetro

    Hi peeps, Wanna sell my PowerFC L-Jetro w/o controller. For S15 SR20DET Blacktop. Will upload pics soon. Looking at AUD$720 shipped to anywhere in Australia. Location in Singapore. Thanks! FAQ Where is your controller? Car got broken into last month and took everything, incl the controller...
  6. E

    Apexi PowerFC on basic mode?

    hi guys, I got a used Apexi PowerFC on hand and planning to get it install shortly. The problem is since I also plan to fit few more mods later in the year, is it safe if I just install the PowerFC for now (put in basic mode), run for few months and get it mapping afterwards? my current mods...
  7. S

    POWER FC Djetro

    guys... anyone out there using powerFC djetro version(map sensor version)?? i have a question here. does anyone know which wire to tap for the air temp sensor? i got the powerFC manual with me..but it is in japanese. basically there is two wires that need to be tap, i know which pin i should...