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    spoiler fitting

    dose any one know if there is a "how 2" on how to fit the s15's spoiler. as iv just go hold of one and dont wont to bugger up my pride and joy! some one told me to put masking tape on the boot :confused:
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    Hey Gents

    Been lurking on the forum for a few months now preparing myself for S15 ownership. Ive decided to import a white one through Jurgen at JM Imports however since theyre extremely rare, was wondering if anyone in and around the London area wouldnt mind me coming up to take a look at their pride and...
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    Lady lack of luck strikes again...

    My 650whp 300ZX was stolen today :( :( :( police are - as usual- totally ineffective and don't give a f>>> :cry: :cry: :cry: when I think of the time and money and more money and extra money I spent on the car... my pride and joy ... :( :( :(