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    White S15 on A4074 near Wallingford few weeks ago, on two separate occasions

    White turbo without rear wing. Jap can tailpipe and I could hear dump or recirc noise on liftoff. I was in my green Primera GT (SR20DE) both times. First time I overtook a car the S15 overtook to follow for a bit. Now my primera is in the shed and I am driving my White Spec R, often near...
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    NZ newbie

    Hi guys. My names Andrew and just came across this forum and its real real good :) Im from Auckland, New Zealand and have just purchased a S15 spec R manual about 1 month ago. When I got it, it was relativly stock with just 17" work TE37's and a catback exhasut. I have now done a 3" front pipe...
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    oil change??

    which oil for spec s none turbo??? will the 200sx or primera gt filter fit???