1. Floyd

    WTB: S15 Nismo GT Pro 2 way LSD

    Looking to pick one of these up, going for a new one but interested to see if anyone has anything to offer! (will prob be selling my helical once its fitted)
  2. Shawnhalu

    DG5 vs JIC FLT-A2 Susp

    guyz 1st of all i would like to apologize for creating a suspension thread again! but i really need some opinion after reading up thread against price, JDM USDM, etc.(i myself is using JIC FLT-A2 now. which i feel is great. but it seems to be having some prob. it have some knocking sound coming...
  3. Curryzz

    Car runing like a bag of ****e since an hour ago!

    Hi as tittle says i think its an oxygen sensor as my air/fuel gauge has stop reading anything but its jumping around all over the place when i pull away, sounds very unheathy, anyone had this prob? Tryin to work out if it is the O2 sensor? HELP
  4. subzero

    rough idle help ? idle position sensor ?

    rough idle help ? idle control valve ? ok, i originally thought i had a prob with the setting on the PFC being too low , so upped that to around 1k revs . when the car heats up, the idle starts fluctuating from 800k to 1.2 . wont hold steady for a couple of seconds. then it levels out and is...
  5. C

    have just set up this new company a few months back. japanese base company.and we can send parts worldwide direct to your door step some on here prob know yahoo auctions very well and others might not,if you need any help let me know on thanks...
  6. A

    new in swindon

    Hello, new here, also a member of, don't really post much.... heres my car, prob be up for sale shortly...time to move on.