1. John-

    Spec R on the way!

    So, after three months of searching with the help of torque GT, I have finally won an auction and the process of my Silvia coming to England has started! Pictures to follow!
  2. C

    new member from KL/Malaysia

    hi guys..just joined invited by a good s15 friend..currently driving a mits evo8..not yet owning a the process of getting 1 though.. cool to be with u guys..
  3. LuPix_S15

    V8 Engine Conversion Thread

    Ok - seems like info on V8 engine conversions for the S15 is pretty much non-existent here and generally when I search on Google I get very little back as well... I'm looking into doing what a lot of FD owners have done... dropping an LS series block with matching gearbox etc and was hoping...
  4. E

    Mild winter - so I started my auto-manual conversion

    Started the process of the manual conversion today - can't be bothered waiting for the engine any longer - Winter only lasted a week (so far) and the roads are good for driving. (on that front - anyone in australia who knows roguepi from - could they go and give him a big...
  5. S

    Process of car being painted. How?

    When a vehicle is painted by manufacturer, it doesn't go under the same process as what panel beaters do. I once looked at a video which showed how a car was made at Ford. What it explained was that the parts that are painted is ionised. If you know about chemistry, +ve and -ve ion so attract...
  6. S

    New to forum

    Hello from the USA!!! :wave: A forum devoted to the S15! ...and hopefully to those of us who can only get the face :rant: I'm working on my current project, a 1995 USDM 240SX. I've been at it for a couple years now, which includes a completely rebuilt KA24DE w/ 8.4:1 forged pistons, GT32...
  7. Nicely

    FMIC cleaning (external)

    My FMIC is looking a bit of a state on the outside and I'm looking to clean down. Anyone got any wonder products I can use to make the process easier?