1. S

    FS: Greddy Profec boost controller and Profec Map

    Had a change of plans and going down a different root for boost control now (well my entire ECU set up) therefore my nearly new Greddy profec and Profec map are up for sale. kit comes with main unit which is in very good condition and comes with the new "map" box which allows you gear / speed...
  2. Carta

    Boost hoses.

    I had a profec B stolen out of my car but the bits in the engine bay were left. Now I want to remove these ancillaries but I find that the boost hose from the actuator on turbo goes into a little box for the profec. Where would this go if I didnt have a profec. Anyone got any pictures to help...
  3. Parky

    Profec B spec 2 questions / help

    Alright guys, I've sort-of fitted a Profec B Spec 2 today, and could do with a bit of help with where the hoses should all be plumbed in. I went off the 'Actuator type' instruction / diagram in the manual, as I don't have the factory boost solenoid valve. see below. And it says to T-piece...
  4. W

    Greddy Profec B Spec 2 - Overboosting???

    Hi guys, recently had my Gredd Profec B 2 Boost Controler installed on my S15, I had a mechanic punch in the settings and I set the limit to 12 PSI, When i take it for a good fang on the straight, it overboosts to 13 - 14 psi??? whys that? I set the limit to 12 PSI for a reason... what could...
  5. T

    FS: New Greddy Profec B Spec 2

    Hi got a new Profec B spec 2, in black. need to raise cash instead of modding... looking for 240 posted ONO please contact me via PM. thanks T
  6. T

    FS: New Greddy Profec B Spec 2

    HI Got the Profec B new in box, don't think i need anymore boost. the controller is in Black. if any interested please PM me. looking for 250 pounds posted ONO
  7. C1TPT

    My car + An EBC = Doesnt work! :(

    Hi guys, unfortunatly I have completly lost it with fitting an EBC to my car!! I got a Greddy profec b spec 2 off my mate, fitted it.....nothing!! It was fitted correctly but whatever settings I used I couldnt get any difference in boost! So I assumed it was the solenoid and bought another one...
  8. N

    2871 or gt-rs??

    i know you guys are pretty big fans of the gt-rs but is it really worth it for more than double the money of a 2871?... ive currently got greddy exh, fmic an profec b.. booking in next couple weeks for DJetro, inj, turbo and maybee poncams.. what do yous think
  9. LuPix_S15

    Boost Controller

    Looking to get electronic boost controller - was wondering why there's such a price difference?? HKS EVC - latest ones around £450 - £500 IIRC and Blitz Dual SBC-iD bout the same as well. However, GReddy Profec looks much cheaper... more like £250. Question is, waht does the HKS and...
  10. L

    Greddy Profec B II Boost Controller setting?

    I've fitted a Greddy Profec B II Boost Controller today but I don't have a clue about settings. Anyone can help me out with this? :) Thanks
  11. B

    Greddy profec EBC settings

    Will be fitting a gredy profec B spec 2 this weekend,got two friends that have these on their cars(toyota's) so fitting and setting up shouldn't be a problem,but was wondering if someone could give me some rough figures to start from to achieve 0.8bar,Gain,set,start boost ? Just don't want to...
  12. J

    0.5 boost:mad: ?

    Need some Help Guys :( Car had been running fine all summer but all the sudden I can only boost upto 0.5 bar, I went round and checked all the hoses but they seem fine. Really havent got a clue where else to check now, could the profec B controller has packed up and causing this?? Where else...
  13. sushiming

    boost controller and cusco catch tank...

    I am looking to get one in the next day or two b4 i leave hong kong for uk and wanna know what ppl think of the greedy PROFEC B SPEC II??? and the oil catch tank are they universal or made for each car???