1. K

    Modifying my S14

    So i have a 1995 S14 running a almost stock SR20DET (Turbo-back Exhaust) Im currently making my list of upgrades and parts i want to do. End Game: I want to be making 350-400hp My current list is ECU Turbo FM Intercooler 1000cc Injectors and Fuel Rail Fuel Pump Pistons Con Rods I'm wanting...
  2. D

    My 3 project S15 Spec R

    Got my hands on some less loved S15s Spec R off their previous owners. Going to be stripping them down and rebuilding them up. 1 to be a track machine, 2. to be a show car and 3. to be kept as stock as possible.
  3. O

    S15 rare parts

    Hey I'm on here looking for some hard to get parts and help with my new S15 project
  4. B

    Spec S project

    This is my first project thread. Had a fair few Japanese cars over the years and although I've loved them they were always modified when I bought them. So I've finally bought a standard car which I plan to build up from scratch. I imported this in Feb a standard spec S (apart from uprated...
  5. armouredsnake

    Ichigo Project phase 2.2

    Sorry guys for moving this but meant to start a new build thread for my car cause things have changed so much:rotfl: So Finally after years of not updating info on my build I will soon be updating you guys with pictures and progress of my secret build project :D I'm still real busy with work...
  6. B

    Hi, Northwest

    Hi, looking for a good source of information on the s15. Not owned one before but just imported this spec s. Im planning a sr20det conversion after I've sorted out some bodywork mods I've been planning. Maybe upload a bit of a project thread as I've never done one before, always bought cars that...
  7. M

    Martin's LS2 V8 S15

    I had a project thread going a while back, but I got bored of updating it and the project kept stopping and starting to thought I'd start afresh now it's completed. Completely home built including paint. Its a 2002 spec r L package but not much is left of when I got the car. Anyway I'll let...
  8. B

    FS: FREE: S15 modded bumper - project for someone?

    I bought this bumper not too long ago - it was described as "good condition', it totally wasn't. I've since had a refund for it, but they said they didn't want it back. It's going to need a fair bit of work to get it back to workable condition - ideal for someone's project as it will need...
  9. K

    FS: S15 Parts

    Keeping hold for now due to building another s chassis project.
  10. S

    New guy from Cornwall...

    Just a quick hello guys :wave: I've recently bought my first S15, very happy indeed as I've always wanted one! It's a super clean 1999 spec S. A great base model for a project car... I may start a project thread once I get stuck into it in the new year so keep an eye out!
  11. P

    New s15 in Quebec

    Hi guys, I just buy this s15 spec s, with only 10000km. We have only 2 or 3 s15 in Quebec, Canada. Totally stock, and very clean car. Project to do a drift car with it. Patrick
  12. Jordan

    FS: Magnetic drain bolt Project Mu. Gives +1000HP!

    This genuine Project Mu magnetic drain bolt is awesome and gives you an extra 1000BHP when fitted! Yours for only £15 Delivered. Size = M12 x P1.25 *DISCLAIMER Does not give you any BHP gains whatsoever, but cats do enjoy looking at Project Mu bling when sat underneath your car and are...
  13. fez06

    FS: unfinished driftcar project

    posting up for a friend/team mate
  14. V

    Re: post not showing

    Re: post not showing Hi everyone, I posted a for sale listing but I can't seem to find it..? It wasn't actually an item for sale but I wanted to know if any of you s15 owners were interested in having copies made as I was just a lucky git managed to get 1 shipped from the states, I don't own a...
  15. J

    1jz s15 project
  16. B

    5.7 L V8 Honda S2000

    Just thought id put on some pictures of a project i was involved in a couple of months ago, We put a Corvette 5.7L V8 LS1 engine in my mates Honda S2000, it was quite a big project but the 3 of us (me, my brother and my mate who owns the car) got it done in just a couple of weeks just doing...
  17. T

    Hi from Holland

    Hi, I'm Rob from Nijmegen in the Netherlands looking to buy a S15. Currently drive a '98 S14a but after driving it for 4.5 years I'm interested in a new project. Some info on my car:
  18. T

    Tonkans s15 spec R

    thought to myself i might as well create a thread here on this forum, and to be honest this is the place to do so as i want you guys oppinion and advice on what im doing right and what im doing wrong on my s15 here comes a quick presentation off who i am and where im from. my name is Tonkan...
  19. C

    Craig's Almera Track Project!

    I've recently bought an old Nissan Almera N15 as a track car project so thought I'd post some progression up here. I bought it off eBay last week for a whopping £255. The interior was really clean and tidy but the bodywork is suffering from the classic Nissan rust bug. Here are some pics of...