1. D

    My 3 project S15 Spec R

    Got my hands on some less loved S15s Spec R off their previous owners. Going to be stripping them down and rebuilding them up. 1 to be a track machine, 2. to be a show car and 3. to be kept as stock as possible.
  2. O

    S15 rare parts

    Hey I'm on here looking for some hard to get parts and help with my new S15 project
  3. B

    Spec S project

    This is my first project thread. Had a fair few Japanese cars over the years and although I've loved them they were always modified when I bought them. So I've finally bought a standard car which I plan to build up from scratch. I imported this in Feb a standard spec S (apart from uprated...
  4. armouredsnake

    Ichigo Project phase 2.2

    Sorry guys for moving this but meant to start a new build thread for my car cause things have changed so much:rotfl: So Finally after years of not updating info on my build I will soon be updating you guys with pictures and progress of my secret build project :D I'm still real busy with work...
  5. B

    Hi, Northwest

    Hi, looking for a good source of information on the s15. Not owned one before but just imported this spec s. Im planning a sr20det conversion after I've sorted out some bodywork mods I've been planning. Maybe upload a bit of a project thread as I've never done one before, always bought cars that...
  6. M

    Martin's LS2 V8 S15

    I had a project thread going a while back, but I got bored of updating it and the project kept stopping and starting to thought I'd start afresh now it's completed. Completely home built including paint. Its a 2002 spec r L package but not much is left of when I got the car. Anyway I'll let...
  7. B

    FS: FREE: S15 modded bumper - project for someone?

    I bought this bumper not too long ago - it was described as "good condition', it totally wasn't. I've since had a refund for it, but they said they didn't want it back. It's going to need a fair bit of work to get it back to workable condition - ideal for someone's project as it will need...
  8. K

    FS: S15 Parts

    Keeping hold for now due to building another s chassis project.
  9. S

    New guy from Cornwall...

    Just a quick hello guys :wave: I've recently bought my first S15, very happy indeed as I've always wanted one! It's a super clean 1999 spec S. A great base model for a project car... I may start a project thread once I get stuck into it in the new year so keep an eye out!
  10. P

    New s15 in Quebec

    Hi guys, I just buy this s15 spec s, with only 10000km. We have only 2 or 3 s15 in Quebec, Canada. Totally stock, and very clean car. Project to do a drift car with it. Patrick
  11. Jordan

    FS: Magnetic drain bolt Project Mu. Gives +1000HP!

    This genuine Project Mu magnetic drain bolt is awesome and gives you an extra 1000BHP when fitted! Yours for only £15 Delivered. Size = M12 x P1.25 *DISCLAIMER Does not give you any BHP gains whatsoever, but cats do enjoy looking at Project Mu bling when sat underneath your car and are...
  12. fez06

    FS: unfinished driftcar project

    posting up for a friend/team mate
  13. V

    Re: post not showing

    Re: post not showing Hi everyone, I posted a for sale listing but I can't seem to find it..? It wasn't actually an item for sale but I wanted to know if any of you s15 owners were interested in having copies made as I was just a lucky git managed to get 1 shipped from the states, I don't own a...
  14. J

    1jz s15 project
  15. B

    5.7 L V8 Honda S2000

    Just thought id put on some pictures of a project i was involved in a couple of months ago, We put a Corvette 5.7L V8 LS1 engine in my mates Honda S2000, it was quite a big project but the 3 of us (me, my brother and my mate who owns the car) got it done in just a couple of weeks just doing...
  16. T

    Hi from Holland

    Hi, I'm Rob from Nijmegen in the Netherlands looking to buy a S15. Currently drive a '98 S14a but after driving it for 4.5 years I'm interested in a new project. Some info on my car:
  17. T

    Tonkans s15 spec R

    thought to myself i might as well create a thread here on this forum, and to be honest this is the place to do so as i want you guys oppinion and advice on what im doing right and what im doing wrong on my s15 here comes a quick presentation off who i am and where im from. my name is Tonkan...
  18. C

    Craig's Almera Track Project!

    I've recently bought an old Nissan Almera N15 as a track car project so thought I'd post some progression up here. I bought it off eBay last week for a whopping £255. The interior was really clean and tidy but the bodywork is suffering from the classic Nissan rust bug. Here are some pics of...
  19. M

    Discount code for Project Mu

    Hi everyone, we are currently running a 7% discount off our already great Project Mu prices. Just use the code mu7offer on the site. This is valid on all Mu stuff from pads, to discs to complete kits. Grab yourself a bargain :D