1. C

    Anyone want to take me for a spin?

    So I’m 99% sure I’m after one, but every time I take my Subaru out I think I might regret it! has anyone got one in the Northwest so I can have a proper look around one? Spending 15k on something I haven’t seen is a bit crazy! Lol thanks Chris
  2. A

    What is the name of this blanked off pipe & how to seal it?

    Im getting a small leak from this blocked off pipe, its sealed with wax or something how do you do that, or is there a proper bung type of thing you can get? Thanks.
  3. C

    FS: Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0 - Amazing wheels

    Here for sale (and finally with pictures) are my Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0. Front tyres are almost new, with light camber wear and rear tyres are done. These came from the SATS Supra a few years ago when Chris & Mark changed the wheels, they are very rare and fantastic sizes...
  4. M4TT

    New member from Isle of Wight

    Hi guys, Just signed up and thought i'd best say hi. Don't current own an S15 but have always been a huge fan, I think i've waiting long enough and have started to begin the hunt :) I current own a Honda S2000 which will be up for sale next week to help fund this. Will be looking for a pewter...
  5. A

    WTB: Genuine aero front bumper

    still looking for a proper non copy aero front bumper.
  6. J

    Another one from Japan

    Hello all The name's Andrew and i'm currently living near Hiroshima. Love anything that can go sideways and I have owned most of the Silvia family. Driving a ****ty kei car at present but will be making a proper upgrade next year. Looking at chasers, skylines and of course silvias. Really...
  7. C

    Need a gearbox, where to get one?

    Blown my gearbox :mad: So now Im in desperate need of a new one! where am I going to get one from? How much is it going to set me back? proper bummed out about it.
  8. Lai

    New owner from Portsmouth

    Hi all, Just a quick intro, my name is Lai and I'm from Portsmouth. Just sold my fn2 and picked this Spec S up from Cris last week :) I'm really pleased so far but need to spend some proper time with it over the weekend. I look forward to nosing through the forum and gaining some S-body...
  9. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Service recommendations

    Ok so my car was last serviced at 149,000kms its not at 160,000 its really due for a service but I have no money to get a proper service so I would like to do it my self. Just wondering what things I need to do at that amount of kms?
  10. Mange

    WTB: Proper wheels (Work, Volk, SSR, Blitz)

    Hey guys, im doing a small hunt for proper JDM wheels during the winter, meaning no copies. The real stuff. Condition dosen't have to be mint tip top, scratches and paint issues is not a problem. Im after 17" or 18". Around 9-10 inch wide. And with a nice offset. Pair or full set of 4 dosent...
  11. S15_SAM

    FS: 2001 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8 valve club, A/C, electrics MOT and TAX £300

    Any one interested in a cheap runabout, it's a one owner car, just got traded in at work! It's done 160,000 miles but runs and sounds good! MOT til February 2013 (had new brake lines last year) tax end of january It comes in faded red, with proper red bumpers! Lol. Its not mint but for...
  12. J

    Slammedia photoshoot

    So met up with Cameron at slammedia to do a feature on my car. Proper chuffed with the outcome!
  13. S

    2way diff vs helical

    looking into gettin one of these in the new year...but what i really want to there any point in doing this? i have the standard helical atm but wouldnt mind doing drift days etc next yr. Will i need a proper diff?
  14. V

    WTB: standard catback/back box in IRELAND ASAP

    right lads i got stopped at a checkpoint yesterday and was told i hav 10 days to produce the car with a "proper exhaust" so im up the creek without a paddle now, if anybody has one preferably in ireland id greatly appreciate it
  15. Andyw

    Yorkshire Newbie!!

    Good day everone! :) just signed up so thought id say hi!! I'm Andy, 22, East Yorkshire - and iv finally put down deposit on a 99 Spec R, full aero in pearl white; Collect it in 3-4 weeks - will post some proper pics when i get it home Will have a browse round the site, and hope to...
  16. J

    S15/Club Merchendise

    As per the subject heading... is there any? or any plans for any? I had to buy boring mats and a tax disc holder in Halfrauds at the weekend :( Would have LOVED to have proper S15 branded mats etc. Anyway, was just a thought. Club stickers? any of those still available?
  17. R-Spec

    Cold air

    Gents, Bling do cold air boxes for the 13and14 but nothing as yet for the 15 (but I did ask a while back). What is everyone else doing? On most of the pics I notice - well I can't notice that anyone is doing anything? I botched something last summer but want to do a proper job. Any ideas?