1. G

    S15 Spec S 5 Speed Propshaft Help

    Hi Guys, After removing my propshaft i noticed some nochiness in the UJ's. Can anyone tell me: -Are Spec S 5-Speed MT Propshafts the same length as S15 Spec R 6-Speed MT -Has anyone found a new Spec S propshaft for sale anywhere in the UK? Thanks,
  2. K

    FS: S15 calipers, propshaft etc

    Have a few parts for sale off my s15, all due to upgrades. Spec r front calipers, pads, discs. All working perfect, and pads are about half worn. Removed as I have since fitted evo calipers. £250 S15/Sr20 crossmember £40 5 speed propshaft, have both parts of this, other half still in car...
  3. justin666

    propshaft question....

    OKies, so im having my clutch swapped out at the mo but a call from the garage doing the work has suggested ive got excessive play around the propshaft center bearing / bush.. According to Nissan its £250 quid plus a 4 to 5 week wait for parts lol :D. So, im just trying to get my head around...
  4. C

    WTB: Propshaft for S14

    Hi I am looking for a propshaft for an S14 anyone help Paul
  5. V

    Propshaft info

    Hi guy's, Does anyone know if the S15 propshaft is the same length as the S14 (Manual)? Or if there is any other differences? Cheers Max
  6. E

    WTB: 1 piece alloy or c/f driveshaft (propshaft)

    Anybody have one or know where I can find one?