1. Jaydej

    Bee R limiter

    Hey people just found out about theese things what are the pro's and con's for use on a circuit or sprint?
  2. L

    new to all this

    hi guys really wanting to get an S15 very soon so thought would join up on the oc and look to see what advice can get what are the pros and cons to the s15 and is there anything should look out for or consider? cheers
  3. S


    Has anyone used the nistune board? pros cons? vs power fc?
  4. P

    Nistune VS APEXi Power FC

    Hey guys sorry if this is a re-post but im going to upgrade the ecu soon and dont know which one to go with some info on pros and cons with both will help me a lot thanks in advance Specs 99 JDM spec R fmic pod filter 3" cat back :down: need a turbo back
  5. fadli256

    HKS FCON IS vs APEXi Power FC vs Greddy Emanage Ultimate

    Hi guys, I just want to get your perspective on these three ECUs'. Pros and cons, such and such.
  6. K

    Self Intro. from Malaysia

    Heya fellas, New member here from Malaysia hoping to learn more from the Silvia pros around the world. Keep in touch people.
  7. D

    how to get quarter window out nicely

    as title said is it DIY-able or have to go to the pros? as i dont really want the rubber frames to get raped while taking it out D: