1. B


    I hope this makes sense so here goes. I curently have a standard exhaust on my 180sx and want to change it. The exhaust i took to the mechanic was 180sx exhaust, however, he said that it wont fit. The standard exhaust i have on there is sort of like an L shape, that is it runs thoough the center...
  2. Nicely

    Whiteline Suspension Alignment

    Whiteline's alignment sheet for the S15 has now been removed from their web site. As many people use this as a setup guideline, I have provided the details here. Many thanks to Whiteline for forwarding the details to me :)
  3. S

    Gauges - Where do you put yours?

    How many people put their gauges in the Vents? How many people use the stands provided? Post pics if possible :thumbs: