1. C

    S15 from Bouremouth

    Hey everyone I'm Marcus and I'm from Bouremouth. Currently have an s15 that has abit of damage as someone decided to rear end me last night whilst I pulled into my drive. Nothing major so will be back to normal soon Hopefully the images come up
  2. S

    Red S15 Yeovil, Today 15:40 ish

    Couldn't see a plate but, Red debadged boot? Practically followed you from Kfc roundabout to the toose. If I wasnt bursting for a leak id have pulled in to say hi. Edit should read RED not Ref.
  3. P

    handbrake lever feels loose....

    Had to change my brake pads before heading home from a track day recently, ever since the handbrake lever can be pulled all the way up without the feeling of it tightening up. The rear brakes do come on a bit when you do this but it does not hold strong. I can't get to the bottom of this - any...
  4. K

    N/A S15: Low and slow! New look w/ new wheels

    heres a couple of how it sat when I first got it few months back ordered some wheels,sourced some side skirts,oem wing,removed fog lamps and here she is today wheels are ssr sp1s,18x9.5 +10s all around on 225-40s,fenders rolled and pulled thanks for checkin it out!
  5. J

    bloody water leak!

    Not a happy bunny, took my car out other day and suddenly noticed it was close to overheating so pulled over to be accompanied with a cloud of steam coming from turbo area. So left it to cool down and topped it back up and went for drive round block but found the heaters running cold,despite...
  6. S

    FS: blacktop sr20det GOOD CONDITION

    hey guys i got ablacktop sr20det for sale, came out of a earlier model 180sx with ruffly 90kms and was pulled out running, i brought it from a guy in sa and was goin to be put in a ute tho im outa cash and dont have my ute anymore so its up for sale.. its been out of a car for about 3 weeks...
  7. sushiming

    Pulled for the first time in the S15

    hey guys I got my first pull in the S15 thought I would like to ley u guys know aswell hahaha I was driving a bit quick into a estate and was coming to a small roundabout and the coppers were on the left of the roundabout and i just knew they were gonna turn round and fellow me...and then they...