1. phillll

    Juddering when pulling away...

    Hi guys, the 15 has developed a bit of a problem. When in traffic and pulling away in 1st the car shakes and judders pretty violently. Nothing happens when moving etc, just when in 1st and releasing the clutch. Anyone know what'll be wrong with it? Clutch fooked? cheers all :)
  2. S

    S15 Clutch vibration

    Hi, So I've just bought an s15 with an XTD 6 puck clutch fitted. I have just took it out for the first time, noticed that when pulling away the is quite a loud vibration coming from the clutch area (sort of sounds like grinding metal), its OK when you launch it etc and you cant get it to slip...
  3. Luke

    tail lights

    has anyone in England preferable the Oxfordshire area got any s15 tail lights for sale, ideally i want the smoked lights but worry about the law pulling me for them has anyone got the red on white style for sale
  4. S

    Changing front wing repeaters

    Hi, I know this might be a basic one and I have done a search on the site to find the answer however I dont want to end up pulling the front wing repeaters/indicators and breaking them. Do I push and turn in a certain direction, just turn etc.. Any help would be appreciated. Keith
  5. R

    Sidelight Fuse

    OK.. it looks like I've blown my sidelight fuse. everything else seems to work but not the sidelights. I've taken a look at the fuse box diagram (the link in the useful threads doesn't work, but this one does http://www.mys15.org/S15_Tech/s15_fuse_diagrams.pdf) and there's no fuse labelled for...
  6. Z

    advice needed, could it be afm

    im hoping someone can help, i have recently had my power fc put back in my car (had a problem with it so the auto elec took it out and sent it off to be repaired however they wont tell me what the problem was) anyways the car is back up and running but when i first got it back it would stall...