1. A

    WTB: Wanted. Drivers side oem wind deflector

    Hi guys as above mine broke today. Does anyone have an oem I can purchase? If not I will buy from RHD, unless anyone has a better source? Thanks Alan
  2. Carta

    WTB: S15 ecu

    Does anybody have an standard ECU which I could purchase please? or if the S14a one is the same that too. Thanks
  3. UncleDan

    Legit sites to purchase parts?

    Hey guys, So I'm having an on going search looking for new oem parts for my S15. I'm from the U.S so buying locally is out of the question unless I find interchangeable parts from U.S z32's, GTR32/33s, and U.S S14's which is what I have been doing to save an arm and an a leg especially in...
  4. S15RKM

    Selector fork needed 5th/reverse

    It seems my selector fork for 5th and reverse has been damaged so I need a replacement, does anybody know of where I can purchase this item or does anyone have one for sale. This is urgent so any help will be much appreciated.:)
  5. D

    potential new owner!

    having wanted a supra TT i have moved onto wanting an s15, just seem to be the perfect car for me wanting to purchase as stock a model as possible aswell so everything done is my own work just thought i'd say hi anyways! :)
  6. Jordan

    WTB: Yashio factory spinner knob / drift button

    Anyone got one they no longer use I can purchase off them??? :P
  7. S

    WTB: Welder near Brandon, Suffolk

    I'm looking for someone that can weld my cast iron exhaust manifold. Not sure how much it'll cost, but I can purchase a new top mount exhaust manifold for roughly £70.
  8. dave_t

    Subframe Bushes

    Right, i will be dropping the subframe this week to underseal properly. at the same time i wan to replace the oem subframe and diff bushes for poly equivalents. What brand bushes are best to use? and where to purchase them? Thanks in advance for the replies :thumbs:
  9. ali619

    Where do you purchase your aftermarket parts?

    Just really a general question I suppose, where do you purchase your aftermarket parts from? Seeing as S15's are imports do you look at Japanese sites or uk sites? I know for my Honda I usually look at funkypower.co.uk
  10. Havoc

    WTB: Headlights or lens cover/front wings

    Hello! Right after a passenger side headlight and passenger side front wing. However will purchase other side or both together. Cheers!
  11. S


    Hi I just got an s15 and I am proud of it looking to purchase some parts Im johnson by the way
  12. U

    Where to purchase new cupholder interior panel?

    Couple of scratches in this panel are ruining an otherwise pristine interior, is there anywhere I can purchase this entire part (silver in colour) brand new? Appreciate any links/prices etc. Alternatively, I'd be happy to hear DIY stories of refurbishing/respraying that panel also, if someone...
  13. M

    WTB: Where can i purchase door rubber

    Hi guys, may i know where can i purchase new window/door rubbers? Coz those rubbers which on my car already start to harden up
  14. S

    Turbo Braided lines

    I need Turbo Braided lines for oil and water. Just wondering where you guys get these from? Do you use Earls? Or make up your own? Is there a kit I can purchase?
  15. P

    Replacement Bushes

    Hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get replacement front anti-roll bar bushes from? Are they the same size as the s14? If so then presumably I can just get them from the Nissan stealers? Does anyone know where to purchase upgraded parts as I have no idea, I tired Driftworks already.
  16. E

    January Discount 15%Off all range D1-Spec products for S15OC

    Hi all, We are currently doing a January discount for the D1-Spec product range, everything is 15% off the normal retail price for S15OC members. You can view all the product range from our web site www.epracing.co.uk Any one interested to purchase any item, please feel free to contact us in...