1. S

    FS: Nissan Silvia S-15 Spec-R under 52,000 miles.

    SOLD Forsale is my Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R in Pewter grey. I'm the first UK owner since it was brought into the country last September by Torque GT. Spec: Under 52,000 miles ( Only risen from just over 48,000 when I purchased ) Sigma Thatcham Cat 1 alarm system installed...
  2. JDM_virgin

    FS: Spec R Speedo cluster and S15 speed sensor

    As in the title, both of these I purchased in an attempt to try and solve the on going problems I had with my car. As it turned out neither of these were at fault so are now surplus to requirements. The speedo cluster I purchased off Cess, it was an automatic cluster but the PDNR have been...
  3. D

    anyone purchased a NI bonnet from EPR?

    Just looking to see if anyone has one fitted to there car and what fitment is like?
  4. S

    Smoking Turbo

    Well shortly after getting my car back from getting the head gasket replaced, I've run into some more smoke out of the exhaust. At first I figured it was due to the cold weather, but recently I've noticed that it has been smoking a lot more then normal. I'm not sure on the brand my turbo is...
  5. S

    R32 GTR Parking Brake Assembly

    A couple months back I purchased a complete R32 brake setup for my S15, which I regret doing now. I'm still waiting on getting the pins, clips, and springs for the front calipers. I'm also missing a piece for the rear calipers that would allow the braided lines to connect to the calipers. I've...
  6. S

    FS: For Sale: a pair of OEM non HID S15 headlights

    I purchased a set of non hid headlights from a friend of the guy I bought my S15 from. He bought them 10 years ago, but never ended up using them for anything. They've been sitting since then, at least that's the story I was told. I purchased them in hopes that they were the hid version. Even if...
  7. L

    NA s15 from northern ireland, hi :)

    recently purchased my first s15, and thought id come on here and say hi, so, hi
  8. S

    finally got one!!

    hi people my name is liam, ive been on here for a while now as ive always wanted a s15!! ive had a few jap cars now but all honda! i sold my DC5 a few months back and started looking for a spec r, with not much luck, as were all out of my price range or just not what i was looking for!! Anyway...
  9. Darren_S15

    FS: S14/S15/ OilFilter/WheelNuts/Actuator/AirBox/Exhaust/Hoses/FogLights/Brakes/CatchCan

    Having a bit of a garage clear out in order to make some room. All parts are located in South Essex and prices are negotiable :nod:. Postage would be standard Royal Mail, but happy to use alternative if required. Any questions just ask. R33 Skyline Blue Print Oil Filter NEW Got this free...
  10. B


    hows it going, just purchased a s15 spec s .. getting it in a few days.. i like the look of the forums.. cheers
  11. E

    Got a nice package today :)

    From Ku Engineering... intake manifold and HUGE throttle body with some top feed injectors. They made it custom for me to accept the S13 SARD fuel rail which I purchased some time ago. All I need is something to bolt it too... YES - I know this post is useless without pictures.... :) Just...
  12. D

    hi newbie.s15

    hi :wave: im new and so is my car purchased from meddy