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    FS: 90mm Q45 Throttle Body w/ TPSensor & harnesses

    Click on thumbnails: I have three to sell. All are cleaned of any oil/grease and include their TPS and harnesses. They are ready for immediate use. $85usd obo. Shipping may vary, please pm so I can determine the cost of shipment. For those who don't know much about the Q45 Throttle...
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    FS: FS: Q45 Throttle Body, N62 MAF, P61 MAF

    Please read everything before Posting or PMing a question. Thank You. - Q45 Throttle Body - SOLD. Included TPS and harness. The vehicle had 72k Miles on its Odometer. I cleaned it of all oil, and its ready for use. - P61 MAF - $70usd obo [yellow] (Came from same vehicle as above). I didn't...