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    does this insurance quote sound reasonable?

    Hi all, about to insure my new S15 for the first year and wondering if what i have been quoted sounds reasonable to you guys. S15 Spec R aftermarket aero, ducktail spoiler, wheels and catback exhaust also having braided lines and 5.1 brake fluid done by TorqueGT TOAD AI606 Cat 1 thatcham...
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    hi from France

    Hi I have brought my Nissan 200sx s14a over to france from the uk and need to buy some headlights for driving on the otherside of the road, nissan have quoted me a small fortune to replace them. I would be gratefull of any ideas.:notworthy::notworthy:
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    rear wheel bearing

    as above i need rear wheel bearing for passenger side asap as car being sold this week.Does anyone know where i can get one cheaper than the 230euro's a nissan dealership quoted me in dublin as i tryin to save as much money as possible.....
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    Irish lads! Quinn direct???

    hey lads. jus after gettin a quote there online from quinn direct tpft on both a spec S and a spec R. im 23 have 2 years no claims and they quoted me under ?850 for both. this cant be right can it? im with hibernian at the moment and they quoted me ?2500 on the spec S. this will have made my...