1. Havoc

    FS: FRP +30mm frond overfenders/wings

    S15 FRP +30mm front over fender/wings for sale. £80 for the pair, need a small amount of care before paint (Unless your car is purple). Made by KNIGHT RACER. Ask for more photos of required. " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  2. B

    FS: Knight racer front wings

    Sold............... ##Poorly fitting Knight Racer wings## Bought these for £100, stupidly didn't check fitment before painting and I've come to fit them and am struggling I'm sure someone could probably make them work. Freshly prepped and very well painted in pearl white £50 delivered...
  3. B

    WTB: Wide front wings ASAP

    Reqd ASAP, NOT Knight Racer ones ! Any others considered Thanks
  4. Surfing Boris

    Knight Racer Carbon Fibre

    Hi Guys, I am a big fan of the BGW and have been looking at the D1 style Carbon Fibre BGW on Knight Racer for £289.99 which seems really cheap for a carbon wing. DOes anbody have one of these on their cars and if so can you post a picture, they list the measurements on the website but it's...
  5. T

    WTB: Long shot but here goes: recaro pro racer seat

    Am after a recaro pro racer seat. The one with the wrap around sides designed for hans devices, carbon or glass reinforced plastic. Cheers Alan
  6. I

    Defi Racer Boost gauge

    Will the Defi 52mm Racer boost gauge fit into the OEM piller holder?
  7. N

    FS: Brand New 5zigen Pro Racer A-Spec Exhaust

    Hi all, I have decide to list my spare 5zigen Pro Racer A-Spec exhaust for the S15. I have fitted at the moment a 5Zigen Miracle Fireball System that would be far too loud for sound limit trackdays so would have swaped it over to the Pro Racer A-Spec but I have never had the need for it and it...
  8. TriniGT

    What Colour???

    Okay I am going to be getting my car ready for paint and I am in a predicament, what colour, I have narrowed it down to three/four colours. Let me know your thoughts, take into mind that the car is going to be fitted with an Origin Stylish Bodykit, a Nismo Quad vented CF Bonnet, Tinted...